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Chosen Pen Publishing to Host A TEDx Event on “21st Century Fatherhood”

May 27, 2024 | News | 0 comments


Embracing Fatherhood In The Digital Age

Fayetteville, NC: In a world where Fatherhood is undergoing significant changes, Chosen Pen Publishing is thrilled to announce the upcoming TEDx Hoke Loop Road Salon event, focusing on the theme of “Fatherhood in the 21st century.” This event aims to celebrate and explore the increasing involvement of fathers in their children’s lives.

As the future of Fatherhood is changing, Dads must take an active role in all aspects of their child’s life. So, to embrace Fatherhood in this digital age, all dads are asked to mark their calendars for Saturday, June 29, 2024, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at 1420 Hoke Loop Road, Fayetteville, NC 28314.


The attendees will get a chance to hear experts and thought leaders discussing the diverse aspects of modern Fatherhood.

Glimpse of the event

All fathers are invited to attend the next Chosen Pen Publishing pleasant event, the TEDx Salon of 2024, entitled 21st Century Fatherhood.” This intimate experience will include men from various backgrounds, from seasoned fathers to single dads, convening on stage to discuss diverse perspectives on Fatherhood.

How does one find the strength to overcome the complexities of Fatherhood or overcome life’s challenges despite the absence of a father’s guidance? This event will offer a glimpse into it all.

Moreover, it will also include:

☑️Health & Wellness Expo for Men
☑️Informational Exhibitors
☑️Lunch Time Entertainment


☑️General Admission: $40.00
☑️Retail Vendor: $65.00
☑️Health & Wellness Exhibitor: $65.00

To check ticket prices or to book your seat now, Eventbrite

Special Note From Chosen Pen Publishing

☑️RETAIL VENDORS WANTED – $65 (includes lunch for one person)
Secure your ticket and share it with your friends and family. Tickets are sold exclusively via Eventbrite until the day of the event.

☑️INFORMATIONAL EXHIBITORS WANTED – $65 (includes lunch for one)
Do you offer a service for men? Join the gathering to promote your products or services.

For more information, contact Chosen Pen at www.chosenpen.com

Men of all ages are invited to join

On the occasion of Fatherhood in the 21st Century, Chosen Pen Publishing invites individuals with expertise, knowledge, or unique experiences related to modern Fatherhood to participate in the event’s panel discussions.

“We’re excited to provide a platform for conversations about the dynamic role of fathers today. This event is a testament to our commitment to fostering dialogue and understanding around contemporary family dynamics,” said Dr Norma Mclauchlin, CEO of Chosen Pen Publishing.

Interested individuals are encouraged to submit their contact information, a brief biography, and their area of expertise to [email protected]. They can also directly message her on her official LinkedIn profile. Alternatively, enthusiast Dads can apply through the website www.chosenpen.com, with the subject line “TEDx 21st Century Fatherhood Panelist,” or complete the Application Form.

For more information about the event and Chosen Pen Publishing, Please Visit.
To book your slot early for the room: Click Here

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