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52 Authors, 52 Insights: Unpacking the Treasures of ‘Your Deck of Success’ for Personal and Professional Growth

Nov 22, 2023 | News | 0 comments


Achieving success in both business and personal life is a goal many aspire to. However, it requires a combination of strategic thinking, perseverance, and personal growth.

In the realm of personal development and professional growth, there are rare literary gems that transcend traditional boundaries. Amongst them, a groundbreaking book has emerged, captivating readers worldwide with its unique approach to success.

Enter “Your Deck of Success,” a bestselling book published by Perfect Publishing with the foreword by Dr. Michelle Mras, defies conventions by assembling a deck of 52 contributing authors, each sharing their invaluable insights on successful business strategies and life hacks.

Books with multiple contributing authors have become a popular trend that reflects the evolving landscape of publishing and the increasing emphasis on inclusivity and diversity in literature. The contributing authors hail from various backgrounds and industries, bringing a wealth of expertise to the table. They include successful entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders, coaches, doctors and experts in various fields. This diversity ensures a range of insights and strategies that cater to different aspects of business and life.

Co-creator Dr. Smiley (Ken Rochon) welcomes readers with an encouraging prologue. “Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a career professional, or someone looking to reach new heights in any area of your life, this anthology has something for you. He continues, “Get ready to be inspired and motivated as you learn from the best and start developing your own success strategies.”

Time-tested principles and life hacks that have propelled countless individuals to success lie in the pages of Your Deck of Success, an undeniably guide to achieving professional success but also offers profound insights into personal growth and fulfillment.

Personal Growth

Former Dallas Cowboys turned entrepreneur Darryl Clack, knows all too well about personal growth. “I contributed to this book to provide a way to leave a lasting impact by sharing tips that will continue to benefit others. I’m motivated by a desire to help others succeed.”

He opens up to the reader about going through a severe episode of depression and extreme stress after his football career ended, which left him uncertain about his future. Some hacks he offers to help manage stress to be successful include breathing exercises, writing three things you’re grateful for, daily, eliminating clutter, creating a music playlist and zone out for a while, and an all-time favorite plan is a getaway to relax and recharge.

Felicia Masquat, a survivor of abusive relationships, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, has gone through a divorce and the challenges of being a single mom, uses her life experiences to help women realize they aren’t alone. She says, “Choose one affirmation to counter a negative thought you wish to work on. Write the affirmations ten times daily in the morning and/or night. Speak the affirmation aloud until that thought is reversed.”

Naturopathic Physician Dr. Jeannette Musset stresses that your business success starts with your health. “If you want to make massive wealth, your health must be a priority. When business owners have low energy, are sleep deprived, too stressed, gaining weight, have bedroom issues, or hair loss concerns, it reflects on the way they show up for their success, their leadership skills, and their confidence.”

Dr. KD Wagner is a multiple bestselling author, EIPPY Award winner, international speaker, and former law enforcement officer who shares her journey through loss, grief, depression, addiction, planned suicide, and survival after losing her two sons in separate homicides. She says, “Nobody should be in the depths of hell, left behind, and alone” and shows others who suffered a loss and are ready to move forward, how to stop insanity, find limitless resilience, and a new purpose to learn, to live a joyful life again.

In the book, Dr. KD shares three secrets she stumbled upon that saved her life, hoping it helps the readers:

1. Stopped questioning everything
2. I found a new purpose
3. I joined a community of like-minded mothers.

The Power of Collective Wisdom

Every influential book is born from the experiences and insights of its author(s). By understanding the author’s motivations and personal and professional growth, readers gain a deeper appreciation for the wisdom and guidance the book offers.

Real-life success stories of those who have implemented its teachings, these authors’ tips serve as living proof that the strategies outlined Your Deck of Success have the potential to unlock extraordinary achievements.

Contributing author Julie Miller Davis points out that the number one reason business owners get stuck is time. “Most often, when people think they have a time management issue, they actually have a calendar and task list issue.”

She says,“Until you manage that monster of a task list, you’ll be stuck in a vortex of slow or non-growth for a long time.”

Entrepreneur, owner & operator of a boutique design firm and Grammy® nominated songwriter, Dayna Caddell, says comfort zones only result in stale productivity. She shares practices that encourage well-rounded approaches to broaden the skill set of any entrepreneur that she says could cause cutting-edge practices and overall success.

1. Always challenge yourself beyond your boundaries.
2. Experiment with unconventional materials, stay abreast on current software and innovative technologies to keep your work fresh and exciting.
3. Attend workshops and conferences intending to expand your knowledge and network.
4. Swap ideas with other professionals to foster growth through constructive criticism and cost-effective learning opportunities.

László Rèm says success is a state of being and feeling. The former architect who now assists people with a fusion of Western knowledge and Eastern ideas in remembering who they are and happy fulfilled lives, uses strategies as understanding, metaphysics, inner communication, observing, and creating to achieve success.

With creating, he says, “After you understand the history and… approach to your actions and feelings, you are ready to change. By asking yourself, ‘This is what I want in my life! What can I do to shift and change, to gain or have this’? You just set your intention to experience new things.”

For those of you into astrology and numerology, Reverend Joanne Angel Barry Colon, who has 35+ years in the health, fitness and wellness industry, says each day of the week is associated with a specific planet and theme. “Mondays are ruled by the moon, a day for stepping into our emotions, intuition, and true potential. Mondays help us get clear about the project, contracts, and partnerships we want to accomplish for that week.”

Dr. Debra J. Dean is co-founder of His Kingdom Matters, a ministry designed to encourage and equip Christians to live in the world, but not of the world. She attributes her success to being hard-working, hard-headed and not giving up. “My three keys to living a life of success are:”

1. Define success and what it looks like for you.
2. Establish a strategic plan to succeed.
3. Recruit the right people for your team.

Dr. Debra says you should have a board of directors, like every successful organization. “It is imperative that we have a team around us to succeed…I needed my inner circle to be full of cheerleaders and people that truly supported my mission and me, or, at the very least, did not act as an obstacle to success.”

The founder and Transformational Strategist of Envision Healthy Retirement, Nancy Schwartz, works with business experts focusing on their science-based transformation from career into healthy retirement. She says, “YOU are the most important piece of the retirement equation” and shares three success hacks.

1. Success hack #1: YOU PLAN – Put yourself first for the first time in your life.
2. Success Hack #2: OWN YOU – Life with integrity, meaning your words matter, but it is your actions that count most.
3. Success Hack #3: MOVE YOU – How can I start to move consistently.

Marc Perry, an innovative leader and Goldman Sachs 10kSB scholar who heads Advantage Communications, a 20-year-old NMSDC minority-owned certified marketing agency, embraced the principle of his mentor, Donald S. Vest who emphasized that setting expectations was essential but equally vital was to inspect and monitor progress.

‘Inspect what you expect’ became his mantra, fueling his approach to leadership and management. “Through his guidance, I understood that accountability was a vital component of success…I embraced this principle, and it significantly enhanced my ability to assess performance, identify potential roadblocks, and implement necessary course corrections.”

“Your Deck of Success” stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and collective wisdom. It offers a treasure trove of knowledge and practical advice from a diverse group of experts, enabling readers to navigate the complexities of business and life with confidence and purpose.

Whether readers are seeking to uplevel their professional endeavors, enhance their personal relationships, or cultivate a more balanced and fulfilling life, this bestselling book has the potential to serve as an invaluable guide and companion along their journey.

Rich Parsons, the other creative half of Your Deck of Success, says, “If only one person gets something out of the book that will make a difference in their life, it’s a success. However, I believe deeply that there are multiple stories that will resonate with readers.”

A word from Michelle Mras (Foreword)

“You’ve already taken the first step toward success. You’ve chosen this book full of positive advice. Congratulations! Now, it’s up to you to choose your definition of success. Find at least one story that resonates with you to be your guide and take strides toward your success.”
Your Deck of Success is available at Amazon.com

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    Written by Phyllis Caddell

     Phyllis Caddell is the founder and lead strategist for PCPR Communications, a Los Angeles-based PR and Strategic Communications agency with clients in the entertainment, business, lifestyle, and sports, industries. She is a contributing author of the best-selling book "Your Deck of Success" and the author of "Do-It-Yourself Publicity: For Those Too Cheap or Too Broke to Hire A Publicist". A subject matter expert and an adjunct professor at Azusa Pacific University, she enjoys traveling and relaxing on the beach.  

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