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How To Treat Your Customer - BIZBoost

Treat them just the way you need to be treated yourself. Simple! Isn’t it?

Ahh, not that simple! It comes with practice of refining your communication skills. Long gone are the days of Marketing when you used to pitch your biz upon your customer’s face. The time, NOW, is a bit tricky, ever so evolving. Your Customers are smarter than you think they are. They have refined (& Keep Refining) their own decision-making moments, priorities. They don’t have time for Marketing bombs to be blown over their face, no BS! (No Pun Intended)

The time, NOW (as it was), is human to human interaction. Value each human being beyond their accounts. They are just as humane as you’re. Just the way you’re trying to utilize the power of Internet, same goes for them. They have different needs, purpose, objectives, goals of being online. So why don’t you try to build a connection first, cherish the relationship, know in-depth about them, extract the info’ & their needs kindly, being humane, as IRL, connect the dots & THEN see if they really need you. There is a pretty fine line in there. Beware!!

It’s not a one day, or two, or a week of effort. You will need serious polishing down the hill. If you’re targeting your potential clients/customers, you need to build a strategy, solid one, unshakable. Again, that won’t come easy. Refine it as you step ahead of mass. Optimize it all, head to toe, inside out.

The human to human interaction that you will be involving into is as crucial as IRL. Collect the stories, globally. There is (has always been) a giant sphere of cultures, around the globe. To feed the soul, you need to do it with the right approach, at the right time, right platform, & with the right message. Don’t take it for granted. Your potential clients/fans don’t have time for no BS whatsoever you have to offer for them. Only a few chunk of them might hear & respond back to your straight forward pitching practice, whereas thousands of them will kick you right up yo’ rear saying nothing.

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Personalization of your thoughts, for them. That’s what it will take to have their attention towards you & what you’re up to.

The depth of the same depends upon your very own culture, your own etiquette, beliefs, knowledge, experience, & most of all the human being inside you.

See, it comes right back to natural flow. The Online sphere has much resemblance of how things happen IRL.

Your evil strategies, thoughts, targeting practice, aggressive marketing, lust for more customers, none of them will bring you anything. Except a series of “Rejection” lessons, only if you’re self-reflective to your thoughts & actions.

Freelancer or agency, applies on anyone. It’s all about Educating, Enlightening, Empowering & Entertaining them all.

Think about what kind of impression would you like to imprint over your customer/potential customer’s mindset. Makes Sense?!

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THEY remember everything. They will remember how you had/have treated them.

Make every conversation count. Make sure your customer is the king and is indeed treated as one every day that you work with them!

When you speak with a potential customer talk first in a personal manner, like when you meet a person that you respect and you do NOT care about selling anything.

Also, communicate your-our personality. Don’t just have the aforementioned evil thoughts on how to close them. Speak as a human being to human being and the discussion will naturally flow to biz as it is a common need and interest for both.

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You know you can’t fool your customers. They know (will know) all or any play that you might try to throw-in over your Targeting playground. Human Senses, VOILA!

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NOW, what happens after that??!! Any idea?

Thing is that you have to dig-in, most probably deeper than that, to extract the real needs of your customers. It’s not that easy breezy, but a fair deal of leg work. Brainstorming, Discussion, Strategizing, Connecting the dots, are few of the aspects which will allow you to KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER on a better level. ONLY then you can serve them the best of you. You don’t want to end up crash landing, taking U-turns & having shady areas of misunderstanding, right?!

Any AWESOME cooperation OR collaboration is the combo of goodness + business, from both ends. Not possible without leaving any one of them behind.

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What kind of JOB is the Awesome JOB when you barely know the deep roots of your clients & customers, & still working with them??

Where will the Learning-journey go? (In DUMP)

What is the future with your current and potential customers? (It has to be long haul)

NOW, give it all a couple of whirls in your head & embrace the reality.

Time to make YOUR move. Back it up with Hope, Peace, & Love. You won’t regret!

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