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The Startup Story

Aug 28, 2015 | Blog | 0 comments

The Startup Story - Instagram #BIZBoost Creative

The Startup Story - Twitter and Blog #BIZBoost Creative
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Glad to have you here! Thank you for dropping by!

In this piece you’ll be exploring our BIG PICTURE Vision for the Startup Sphere around the globe. How you can bring your best ideas to the masses via the Internet and set yourself apart from the crowd!

One story!

Imagine for a moment that it’s 1997!

The Startup Story - Blog #BIZBoost Creative 2 - Google
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How Google started up. According to Wikipedia, it all began with the search engine they developed and implemented for Stanford’s website with the domain google.stanford.edu

Why Google went public…

They felt an urge to help others find info through the search engine they had developed. The server crawler used a special kind of indexing to list the most relevant data according to the search terms provided. The internet was far too vast, even beyond our own imagination. To make any use of the information, you needed to know where to find it.


To build up a “SEARCH ENGINE” so people could find the indexed sites for themselves using simplified queries. It worked so well that the idea grew beyond it’s humble purposes.

Current State Of Internet

The Startup Story - Blog #BIZBoost Creative 1 - Web
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•40% of the world population has an internet connection today. In 1995, it was less than 1%.
•The number of internet users increased tenfold from 1999 to 2013.
•The first billion was reached in 2005. The second billion in 2010. The third billion in 2014.
•The chart and table below show the number of global internet users per year since 1993!


3,192,819,000+ Internet users in the world
992,002,000+ Total number of Websites
1,720,000,000+ GB Internet traffic today
2,944,000,000+ Google searches today
….and counting as you read ahead!!

Check out LIVE Stats HERE:


You are here most likely because of our social media posts about this article, or perhaps someone else kind enough to share it with their audience, OR in best case, “GOOGLE” helped you find us down here in this the unlikeliest of places.

Imagine if you had tried to stumble across this article without a search engine, how many tries would it have taken you?

According to Netcraft May 2015 Web Server Survey,

In the May 2015 survey they received responses from 857,927,160 sites and 5,281,889 computers. The number of sites detected increased by nearly 9M in May 2015 after two consecutive months of losses. The number of web facing computers also increased by 54k.

TODAY, you are using “Google” every moment of your life. Whenever or wherever you need to know something, anything, with an ease of quick keywords and smart searches.

Not that some of you don’t use Bing, or even Yahoo, but realistically the math says you are probably still also using Google.

Quick Creepy Yet Logical Fact (Don’t freak out):

“They” know everything about you through continuous Big Data collections from your accounts, web activities, anything you do on web, mobile, tablets, or any IoT device. BUT it can be stopped IF you use proxies, VPNs or Ad blockers, and clear your cookies or use private browsing mode, as well as other privacy enabling technology. (Tails Linux) Yet, it seems uncontrollable. You are using Google to search the Internet for FREE (except your ISP fee), that’s why it’s tricky, because it is not simply that you pay for it all by providing them info about you or your activities around the web, They collect Big Data for several good and yes, seemingly dirty purposes. Which in fact is usually still good for users but creepy for many of us. In the end, it’s all for the users which means it’s good. Stop worrying, you can still use privacy enabling technology like, “proxies, VPNs, Ad blockers” at our own need and interest.

What is GOOGLE’s Mission?

As displayed here on their Official About Page: Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

Google’s #1 Philosophy Out of 9 Others:

Focus on the user and all else will follow.

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on providing the best user experience possible. Whether we’re designing a new Internet browser or a new tweak to the look of the homepage, we take great care to ensure that they will ultimately serve you, rather than our own internal goal or bottom line.

Google’s products and services, for Web, Mobile, Business Solutions, Chrome, Android, Media, Ads, Geo, Specialized Search, Home, Office, Social, Innovation etc. They are everywhere! On your phone, on your computer system, and MOST OF ALL, they took over your mind making you addicted to knowing things quickly.

They brought up “CHANGE” and continuously brought it up beyond netizen’s expectations.

NOW, <<<< FAST Rewind....

How any of this relates to you or your startup ideas??

Startup Milestones:

•Problems Solved.
•Brought up Revolutions.
•Evolved throughout the time.
•Took over user’s psychology, Got them habitual of your product/services.
•Brought up “CHANGE”.

Couple of questions to ask to YOURSELF!!

•What position are you at THIS moment? (Clue: Reality-Check)
•Can you bring “CHANGE” with your “Product”? (Wooahhh)
•Do you want to contribute to improve current state of an issue?
(Such a BOLD Decision)
•Do you want to be THE VERY FIRST to address an issue? (Addressing an issue can be mindblowing, BUT that’s not enough!)
•Do you have solutions to troubleshoot the issue? (Awesomeness)
•Is your Product able enough to wipe-out the issues? (VOILA! At least a bit)
•Google (along with ENTIRE tech-web industry) moved way ahead of time bringing innovation, where do you feel you fit in, & how your product can help it in moving ahead? Can it grow beyond it’s original purpose?

What can you do?

Build products that will make the people’s lives better.
Make it simpler and faster for people to do what they need.
Stay open, so people can involve, to make it easier for them to contribute to your ecosystem and move, share, spread the goodness forward.
Evolve enormously starting from your very first appearance on the scene.
“CHANGE” things, BUT never change your belief in the endless possibilities of your ideas/products/services itself.

What Google intended to BUILD for the Web is far more than clear as mentioned in their mission statement above. Further magical things: They evolved throughout their journey, got a series of products, services circling them around to back them with revenue and business opportunities. With the revenue, they get to feed, develop themselves further beyond their own limits, and user’s expectations, FOR Themselves as well as FOR Users. It’s all about “USERS”, the audience, network, community, employees, fans.

Do you know Google Kills their products on their own, every now and then, to keep things clean according to the needs of THEIR USERS? See, again, FOCUS on “USERS”!


Google’s Graveyard

Retired Google Projects as displayed by “Wordstream”

Fancy enough?

The Startup Story - Blog #BIZBoost Creative 5 - Startup Graveyard
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Why the hell “Google, & its products, services are running?

Because people, businesses are LOVING it, and it helps them all in making their lives easier, yet again!

Round Up (Motivational Spirits)

IF you have a product/service in-the-making Or simply an billion dollar idea (We all spark one, every now and then), and you feel lost, cloudy all around, THEN chances are you are not. Know that facing that feeling is a good thing. Keep brainstorming and negotiating your way around tiny/big hurdles.

It can be done, and you probably actually can do it. It is just about time that you will find a new path to walk upon, even more refined, clean and clearest version of last one. Our journeys helps us to “LEARN” from our experiences.

Have faith in yourself. Bring your A-Game over the table & jolt off the market with your product. Keep expanding your skill-set, so you can always do even a little more than anybody else. Over the journey of your Startup-Life, you will get your chances to “Connect the dots” to know both your own, and your product’s truer purpose.

Remember to question yourself about all that is mentioned above. You will come up even stronger than ever, followed by flood of LEAD thoughts, strategies, actions. You will end up making a team of your own, the team who will be fit to your company/work/life culture and value, with similar purpose and dedication to take the products/services to the TOP!

If you have a product/service already, and have THE BIG PICTURE Vision that is making it all happen, THEN keep moving ahead. Every little or big effort counts. After all, it is all about making an “IMPACT” & difference in people’s lives!

Did you know we’re product hunters? Eh, now you do! We organized & sponsored “Product Hunt Delhi” Meetup on May 10, 2015 & JUNE 28, 2015 to unite & assemble the “Product Hunt” Community in Delhi, The Republic Of India. It was our FIRST-BIG-Shot with “FOCUS on LOCALIZATION” of ourselves, since we are totally global by network & awesome People, Brands, Startups, Businesses, Musicians, Corps from around the globe that we work with, remotely. It did worked out pretty great & we are now working with more people within our local startup sphere. At our Second Shot on June 28 PHDelhi, we got to connect with Microsoft and collaborated with a deal o’ goodness with them for our NEXT PHDelhi Meetups. Isn’t that amazing? Magical collab, indeed.

Catch the PHDelhi fun!

In case you feel your product deserves to get hunted, and wondering the guidelines, the way through it, then you MUST read this “Walk-Through” into the Product Hunt Community and the “How-To” do it.

Diary of a hustler for Product Hunt Launch by Mr. Misbah Ashraf @misbahspeaks ~>


That covers the digital sides of your products/services. Networking Meetups, specially as creative as PHGlobal Meetups, just like ours @PHDelhi, brings out the “Magic Of Collaborations” from inside out. People get to meetup with the odds, in order to blend their energies & see where it leads them to. If you’re looking to attend OR Organize one, head on to PHGlobal Slack Channel phglobal.co, hop into your city’s channel if it already exists, make one if it doesn’t & co-own the city yourself, for the people. Current Stats: 2100+ Members & 65+ Global Channels of Leaders, Makers, Founders

Call To Action

Off to you…Embrace it all, and live your own startup story!

•Do you have YOUR big picture vision over your product/service in-the-making?
•Do you have such product/service already and the big picture vision handy?
•What deal of “CHANGE” are you trying to bring on the table?
•Do you have a business/work culture that is worth appreciating?

Please do share your story with us!

Tweet us @BIZBoostMe, Or Email us at [email protected], OR simply share it all in the comments below!

We help awesome People, Brands, Startups, Businesses and Corps in Building, Refining and Lifting their Online Presence.

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