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Top 10 Twitter Secrets for Better Exposure

Nov 22, 2016 | Blog | 1 comment

Top 10 Twitter Secrets for Better Exposure - Creative 1

Top 10 Twitter Secrets for Better Exposure - Creative 1
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Are you feeling miserable spending thousands of $$ on Twitter Advertising? Despite spending that much, do you feel the results are not up to the mark. Well, the reasons could be many. The Twitter universe is HUGE. For instance, as per official statistics, There are about 313 Million Monthly active users who tweet at least 6,000 Tweets a second! So that amounts to 350,000 tweets per minute, 500 million tweets per day and 200 billion tweets in a year!

Even if you make say 5 tweets a day, they account to 365*5 tweets for an entire year. This means you ought to really work hard to make yourself visible! Are there any secrets to becoming more visible? Yes, but the easiest one, which is NOT a secret is the fact that you could try Paid Twitter Advertising! However, did you notice how expensive it is? Paid ads on Twitter cost anywhere from $0.50 to $4 per engagement, which is simply ridiculous if you are a small scale business.

So what then is the legit solution? Well, it’s “Organic”. Here we come to Rescue you out of this Exposure Mystery & Misery. It’s not a bad idea to work with a Social Media Outfit such as BIZBoost Inc. for all your Organic Growth needs. GROW, Nurture and Leverage The Power Of Your Awesome Online Presence & Your Awesome Audiences, while spending much less, earning thousands of followers and millions of Social Engagements in a short span of time! We work with You as Your Companion.


To help you with Twitter, here are the TOP 10 Secrets to receive greater exposure

1. Tweet Engagement

Not all Tweets with links work all the time! It is good to start a common conversation with your Twitter followers and other audience just like how you would do on your Facebook & other social media accounts. For instance, if you just watched a recent movie, shoot out a question saying, “What do you think of …movie?” and add some trending hashtags such as #Nameofmovie #Leadactorname and so on. You can request readers to direct message you as well. Appending the hashtags #follow and #retweet also works if your tweet uses a strong question followed by the correct and trending hashtags. And most importantly, a strong CTA (Call to Action). Need better & targeted social engagements? Email us at [email protected] 💌

2. Social Listening

The best tool for understanding the latest world trends for the day is to search on Twitter Trending Topics, Hashtags, & Twitter Moments. By tweeting on Trending topics, your tweets gain more impressions and engagements. Twitter Moments includes a collection of Tweets that tell creative stories, using a diverse range of voices, a wide range of media, and which unfold to tell a full and compelling story.

3. Hashtags

Yet again, to understand what’s trending look at the list of Top Trending Tops across the world. Molding your own tweets as per these hashtags works wonders, along with MOST Relevant Hashtags that suits best to the context of your tweets. Participating in already continuing conversations, effectively using hashtags, while retweeting interesting tweets with these hashtags is bound to get you more exposure. By Engaging with Audiences within Trending Hashtags & HOT topics, beyond your own earned Audience, you build a long-term relationship them..

4. Storytelling through Videos

Everybody loves stories and everybody likes Videos too. Videos work very well on Twitter as much as on any other network or as on your blog. There are plenty of interesting videos available on YouTube if not your own. Use YouTube’s Keyword Search Tool to find competitive keywords first. Then select videos with those keywords and finally, tweet them using your own hashtags and links. This will get you more followers and retweets if what you posted is indeed interesting. Of course, choose your videos wisely. Make sure your Content Strategy is aligned well according to your Twitter Purpose, Audiences, Branding. Well, That unleashes yet another Twitter Secret for you, Voila! 🍷

5. Merging Social Networks & Audiences

Cross promoting your tweets by highlighting the best & sharing it on other social media channels comes as a Cherry on Top 🍒 moment. While different social media channels has different genre of audiences with different Social Psychology, this strategy will work upon those who loves what you do over other social media channels, & who would love to connect/engage with you over Twitter too. To each their own. Audience on every social media channel has their own unique taste.

6. Targeting

No Twitter user can win in isolation. As much as engagement upon your own tweets is important.. so does acknowledgement on what they are tweeting, what they like, & what’s happening within their own lill twitter world. Observe, Analyze, Target & Engage with them, & keep them in the loop of your own Twitter Authenticity, Authority, Influence, Impact, & Buzz. Also, keep a check within Your Twitter direct message inbox. Though it is cluttered as hell with spam & aggressive marketing, still some use it as another good form of private communication among close Tweeple or even Targeting via personalized DM conversations. Besides, make sure you monitor, engage and analyze trends and audience behavior through tools like HootSuite and Commun.it.

7. Embedding Tweets on web pages

Embedding your Twitter to your website signals Google & other Search Engines to prefer your website more than others. Primarily connecting social accounts with website is a mark of Authenticity of your business, location and whatever you post and tweet. Positive reviews on website should get tweeted and tweets on your Twitter should appear as endorsements on your website. This adds great value and improves search engine rankings tremendously.

8. Twitter (Smart) Search

Twitter Search Functionality is a great boon for users as well as marketers looking to follow users with similar interests and looking for juicy, latest content. Right from blog posts to celebrity gossips to technology tips get tweeted and retweeted on Twitter every day! Starting from current affairs to what happened 50 years back gets talked about, in real-time. Search for interesting content, use the correct keywords and retweet, follow, like and favorite frequently. ENGAGE, ENGAGE, ENGAGE, that’s how we roll. 🚀

9. Twitter Analytics

As of now, Twitter’s official Analytics tool comes FREE. Right from demographics to engagements get displayed & updated on a daily basis, right within 1 Dashboard. Observing the growth, fall of impressions, clicks, & Major Twitter KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) helps users understand what works best for them and what should be avoided. Track > Analyze > Segment > Organize > Analyze > & Re Strategize!

10. Power Tweets and Influencing People

Using the right words & Call To Action can greatly influence people. Tweeting the right messages by using powerful words helps create a great Reputation, Authenticity, Authority, Impact & Buzz for yourself. For instance, words such as Imagine, Success, Motivation, Dream, Create, Innovate, Mindset, Leadership etc. creates a strong impression.

BONUS (There is always more…under the sleeves, you know) 😎✌️

Twitter Dashboard

This amazing feature allows users to connect with their audience and to stay in touch persistently. There is an inbuilt provision for Social Listening which can be done by creating specific channels, following up on social mentions, making feeds to follow lists, people, hashtags, or topics and getting the whole picture every time you open Dashboard. Users can also schedule tweets and check out the tips and analytics for improvising their campaigns.

Dribbble by Studio–JQ

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