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The MVP Film Director: Jayleen Perez

Jan 23, 2023 | Interviews, News | 0 comments


Producer. Director. Actress. 37 wins & 45 nominations.

Award-winning Film Director Jayleen S Perez is a former Jersey City, Miss Puerto Rico 2011. In addition to beauty pageants, she was very athletic and has won many softball awards from the ages of 9 to 17, including a stand-out MVP award.

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After receiving a degree in Health Service Administration, She was hired as a Spanish Translator for the NJ public school system. Shortly after that, she became the Research Manager and Office Administrator for a dermatologist.

At the age of 25, In 2019 Jayleen wrote her first short film “Karmen” which she then directed and co-produced in the fall of the same year. “Karmen” is a romantic thriller with a strong Latina and LGBTQ presence. It has been well received in film festivals both domestic and internationally.

“Karmen” has racked up various nominations and awards in reputable film festivals some examples include: Best Drama at the Couch Film Festival in Canada, Best First Time Director award in the Brightside film festival in Jersey City, Best Director nomination at the IndieX film festival in Los Angeles, as well as a nomination at the Oniros Film Awards in Italy.

Recent victories include: Best First Time Director award at the Golden Earth Film Awards and Best Director Win at The Tagore international film festival in India.

Karmen has also been accepted to many upcoming festivals including: Point Lookout Film Festival in Long Island, Hang On To Your Shorts in Asbury Park, NJ, ( the film is already nominated for Best NJ SHORT DRAMA) and the colt favorite NJ Horror Con which takes place at the famous Showboat Hotel and Casino in Alantic City, NJ in March 2021. Jayleen S Perez directed the opening segment of a feature for Narrow Bridge Films. Within a year she already has 5 IMDb Credits including an acting credit in a commercial for a famous Restaurant, known as Hendrickson’s corner in Bayonne, NJ.

In August 2020 Jayleen co-produced and directed a short horror film with actor and producer Dan Gregory. The bloody film AirB&D follows a sadistic couple that target a novelist who is on a weekend getaway.

Jayleen was featured on the JHS Podcast with Puerto Rican actor and musician John Soto where she discussed her up coming projects and career as a director. The interview is available on YouTube. In 2010 she was on a podcast with LBJ The Heartfelt Truth, which is streaming on iHeart Radio, iTunes, and Spotify.

Jayleen S. Perez recently won an Accolade Award on 5/26/2022. Air B & D won a few awards including, Dan Gregory for Leading Actor, Molly Wilson for Leading Actress, and Jayleen S. Perez for Best Director! Congratulations everyone!


Congratulations on your award-winning films and your new marriage! How has married and filmmaking life been for you?

Jayleen: Thank you so much, Marriage life is great! Being able to express your creativity freely with your partner is such a blessing. My husband Dan Gregory is a talented writer and a even more talented actor, anytime I have an idea he’s the first person I tell. It is truly a blessing to have such a great support system at home.

What are some of the films you have worked on that were the most fun and meaningful to you and why?

Jayleen: The most meaningful film for me is my first film “Karmen”, which was directed and co-produced in the fall of 2019. It is a romantic thriller with a strong Latina and LGBTQ presence. Since this was my first film I put so much pressure on myself to make it the best I can yet every time I re-watch it I think of things I could have done better!

The most fun I have had on set was when we filmed Air B&D in 2020 right in the middle of the pandemic. We had a small cast and crew which only consist of 5 People, myself as the director, Dan Gregory played Damion and was a producer, Joey Mosca was our DP, did sound and lighting, Loarina Gonzalez played Brenda and Molly Esther Wilson play Mackenzie. We shot the entire thing in 15 hours, Everyone went above and beyond! Dan & I wanted a short that pushed the limit and this one sure did!

What do you enjoy most about the horror film genre and what impact do you want to make in creating horror films?

Jayleen: I have always loved horror! I love the rush that you get while watching horror films, the jump scares, and the feeling as if you are always being watched is what makes me enjoy these films and it’s exactly what I want to bring to mine. As a filmmaker, I think it is very important to keep your audience on their toes. Horror films allow you to express your insane side which is amazing! It’s always great to push the envelope!

What are you currently working on or have in the works?

Jayleen: I am currently working on a few projects! I am going to direct a new project Written By Dan Gregory and Jenna Kildosher. This project is different from any project we have done, this is going to show a completely different side of Dan that many people are not ready for! We are taking our time with this one, making sure we get everything as perfect as possible from the script all the way down to the location, the makeup, everything!

Another project I’m super excited for is a podcast that I am working on with Jenna. We came together a few weeks ago and decided this is something we can absolutely kill (in a good way of course) social media is such a huge thing especially TikTok, our goal for this podcast is to show a different side of us that many people don’t know, what goes on behind closed doors and most importantly NETWORK! The Podcast will show friends, family, and fans a comedic side of me.

I’m proud to be an artist that has many layers. Creatively, I keep people guessing.

What else would you like our readers to know about you?

Jayleen: I would like readers to know that the podcast date will drop very soon so they can keep an eye out for that on my Instagram @jayleensperez. My professional acting debut is in an upcoming feature film called “New and Forever”. I love to post all my random/funny thoughts on my Twitter which is also @jayleensperez!

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