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“The Forgiveness Game” by Dr Norma McLauchlin is now available in Audiobook

Jul 8, 2024 | News | 0 comments


Dr. Norma McLauchlin Releases Audiobook Version of “The Forgiveness Game” Narrated by Joyce Licorish: Tune In Now

Fayetteville, North CarolinaDr. Norma McLauchlin, renowned author and pastor’s wife, announces the release of the audiobook version of her acclaimed book, “The Forgiveness Game.” This Audiobook, narrated by Joyce Licorish, brings life to McLauchlin’s powerful exploration of forgiveness and redemption.

The story follows Trish, the protagonist, as she deals with incomprehensible difficulties in the wake of her daughter’s horrific experience. Trish learns throughout the narrative that forgiveness is necessary for oneself as well as for others.

Book Summary: “The Forgiveness Game”

The Forgiveness Game is about the profound journey of forgiveness and its transformative power in one’s life. Dr. McLauchlin draws from personal experiences to illustrate that forgiveness is not merely about absolving others but about finding inner peace and moving forward with strength and resilience.

In an interview with BIZBoost, reflecting on the book, Dr. McLauchlin shares, “Forgiveness isn’t just a decision; it’s a path to healing and freedom. This book is my heartfelt attempt to guide readers towards understanding and embracing the healing power of forgiveness.”

Presenting the “Publisher’s Opinion”

Dr Norma McLauchlin writes, “I remember a time when I had to forgive someone I didn’t want to forgive. They didn’t deserve my forgiveness; if it were completely up to me, they wouldn’t have gotten it. But forgiveness isn’t for them. It’s for you. And it was for me. Forgiveness gave me the strength to move on. It gave me the strength to give life, love and happiness a second chance. Forgiveness is worth it. If you were waiting on a sign, this is it, forgive. Let go. Be free.”

This book is written for you! To help you learn the Forgiveness Game!

Further, depicting the story, Dr McLauchlin writes, “Is forgiveness a game? If so, Trish is losing. After her daughter suffers a brutal beating from her husband, Trish is forced to face a harsh reality. People, including those we love, aren’t always who they appear to be. Without warning, Trish’s life spirals out of control. Her son-in-law must die. Her best friend told a lie. Why does her husband make her cry? Trish learns that sometimes forgiveness isn’t for the other person. Sometimes, to live, we must learn to forgive.

Moving ahead, Joyce Licorish, the narrator of the Audiobook, expresses her enthusiasm, saying, Enjoyed narrating this one by Norma Mclauchlin and designing the cover! Grab your copy on Amazon or take a listen on Audible.”

In addition to the Audiobook, “The Forgiveness Game” is available in print and digital formats.

About Dr. Norma McLauchlin

Dr. Norma McLauchlin is a pastor’s wife, speaker, and author dedicated to empowering individuals through faith and forgiveness. Her writing reflects a deep understanding of human struggles and the power of spiritual growth.

To learn more about Dr Norma McLauchlin and “The Forgiveness Game”: Celebrating Forgiveness With Owner of Chosen Pen Publishing, Dr Norma McLauchlin

Order You Copy Now

Join Dr. Norma McLauchlin on her mission to spread the transformative message of forgiveness. Embrace healing, let go of burdens, and rediscover the freedom that forgiveness brings.

Because Forgiveness=Freedom

☑️For those interested in listening to the Audiobook of “The Forgiveness Game” by Dr Norma McLauchlin, narrated by Joyce Licorish: Audiobook
☑️Also, the book is available for purchase on Amazon: Buy Now

☑️To explore the multiple options available to get a copy of “The Forgiveness Game,” check out Chosen Pen Publishing/The Forgiveness Game.


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