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Premierlifestyle “Ebn” Is Spreading Love On the Road On His Way to the West Coast Hip-Hop Awards!

Jun 27, 2022 | Showcase | 0 comments


I discovered Premierlifestyle Ebn on YouTube. I am really picky about which Rap/Hip-Hop artists I listen to.

Coming across this young man’s smooth music and great lyrics, combined with an easy-listening voice, I realized that this guy’s got some important things to say. 

I had been working on another article while listening to music, and after hearing Premierlifestyle’s song, I searched for a couple more and concluded that I wanted to interview this young man and find out more about him, his life, and why his lyrics are so meaningful in today’s world.

After an hour of interviewing, his infectious smile, positive message, and his personal story hit me hard, and I realized I had something special and had created a good report with him. He shared his tough early life with me. He grew up in a gang and served time, and although he was taught and learned just how to survive, something in him still stirred.

Premierlifestyle has connections with the Bloods, the Crips, and others in the same situations. His new music has a message of camaraderie, love, and kindness, and tells everyone that renewal is possible for anyone, as it was for him.

I don’t have an in-depth knowledge of rap or hip-hop as I do all other music genres. The guys I listen to are few, and they include Puff Daddy, Ice T, Coolio, Lil Wayne, Eminem, of course, Snoop, and a few others.

Premierlifestyle may be new to this platform, but he is moving up the rungs quickly, and you only do that with talent, professionalism, and a great message. He is on his way to the West Coast Hip Hop Awards in Seattle, on August 6th, where he will be performing, traveling state to state, performing and laying down tracks.

You can learn more about this new young super talent at PopEnt with Colin Munro Wood, but check out this Q & A with Premierlifestlye, in which he had time to think about his responses.



I enjoyed interviewing you on PopEnt on YouTube about a year ago. Since that time, it seems you haven’t stopped at grinding away at your dream for everyone you know and others in the world. Since then, what have you been up to, and what are you doing right now?

Since the last time we spoke, my stepdad was passing away. I was in Montgomery Alabama then, attending to family business, while maintaining a steady progression, moving forward with my music career. God has not let me miss one beat. I left Alabama and went to Greenwood, SC, where I cleared out my momma’s house and went back to Alabama to catch my son’s first football game (shout out of there).

I went to Atlanta, from there Chicago, Chicago to Montana, Montana to KC, KC to Montana, Montana to Las Vegas, Vegas back to Montana, Montana to Alabama, Alabama to SC, and SC to Montana. Tracks were recorded at E.O.A.  Studio, by Grammy Producer Ryan Demetri Ghost – credit for Kelly Rowland, Bow Wow, and Lil Wayne. I had breakfast with Grammy engineer Dru Castro – credits for such – Childish Gambino, India Ire, and I was in Las Vegas during draft weekend, was the headliner at the KC Apollo, and recorded at street capital, in SC.

Now, on August 6th, I’m set to perform at the West Coast Hip-Hop Awards. The awards are being produced by my man Octavius Miller.

I always loved traveling as an entertainer, but you’re not doing trip this with a production company. Who might be or is with you, what forms of travel have you used, and what are you recording it for?

To be honest, I am on a faith journey with God. The recording purpose is of course for my music, but the other side is spiritual. I record for the lost soul so he can see you can make it out of the bad situation. God is really showing people. I missed my son’s birthday last year, and I had no control over that situation. And it hurt, and I prayed, and God told me to go as hard as you go in the streets, do the same with my talent and the gift I gave you since birth and it will supersede your afflictions in the streets.

I left my mom’s house last year in May and I’ve been tonight to 10 different states: some of them even twice. Airplane Greyhound lift, you name it. Beautiful hotels, Six Flags – Atlanta Georgia with this Faith walk there is no one man who can say she did, or he did or even it’s the reason why I am where I’m at today but there have been many that helped the whole ride, there was nothing planned on my behalf or anyone else’s.

My talent is music and words, and I use my talent and I tried God and it worked. I hit a home run West Coast Hip Hop Awards in my home state of Washington. I’m on the ticket and the flyer. Performance legends are going to be in the building. 100% credit goes to God with many witnesses. I haven’t had a steady job in 6 or 7 years, but I work for God and I’m reaping a reward.

The West Coast Hip-Hop Awards. How very cool!! Are you performing at the awards show? Can you tell us which of your songs you might perform?

Yes, I will be performing at the West Coast Hip Hop Awards. I haven’t decided exactly which tracks I’m going to perform but I do have an idea.

When did you decide rapping and hip-hop entertainment were definitely your callings?

When I became confident in who God made me to be, and it was the only thing, I never practiced it was something natural, and last year I had my mind made up where I was going to go with my music

Can you share with us what you’ve released, where we can find your music, performances, and videos, and your social connections?

Premierlifestyle Ebn for all social media sites. YouTube, Deezer, Spotify, etc. Premierlifestyle is all one word.

“Premierlifestyle Ebn”

What are your hope and message right now?

My Hope is everyone sees the signs and hears the truth. My Hope is for the everyone in the world is something has gotten big in your life that you can’t fix and there’s no one that has an answer my message will be the same answer that came to me and that is to tell my people I love them and call me wherever they’re at so call them God like a friend and he’s coming and you can fix whatever problem needs to be fixed that would be the biggest lessons purpose

What does your name mean, and what does EBN stand for?

To take all my blessings and find out how to see them be a blessing to others. Creating jobs that create generational wealth. You sports, youth academics, and like a debate team and science team, so to leave a big impact

The definition of Premier, is the head the chief the boss also the premiere is the first time ever seen something new and I’m a premiere I’m the head to Chief the boss, and everything brand new and that’s where you get EBN. Your past can’t supersede your future.

When will you reveal your trip around the country to the world? 

I’m looking at the beginning of September. I should have a cool laid-out route of the supernova and all the places it will land. LOL

What are your plans, for the future?

Nothing scheduled yet. I got some photo shoots to do and I got some videos to shoot, then fill in the gaps.

Is there anything important in your heart that you would like to share that I haven’t asked about?

I want people to know that I do this because I know God loves them, God loves me, and he understands all situations and he wants his friends to call him wherever they’re at.

What I really enjoy the most about Premierlifestlye Ebn is that his faith and his message aren’t basked in judgment, stringent rules, or the taking of others’ rights. This future star is a great example of how anyone can turn their life around with the right heart, and right thinking, and how putting others before yourself is a path to enlightenment and great success. 


I certainly wish Premierlifestlye the best. Keep up with him on FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube, and if you’re at the West Coast Hip Hop Awards on August 6th in Seattle, keep your eye out for his performance.

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