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Pure Thoughts with Arait Justice Media Group

Sep 19, 2022 | News | 2 comments


“We are visual beings and when people have the written and visual aspect of a book, it makes the overall experience so much better.”-Elizabeth Roberts

At Arait Justice Media Group LLC, their mission is to make stories become reality through publishing and printing craft, and creating covers that make books come to life. In addition, they make books come to life on the TV screen. Arait Justice Media Group LLC puts out a wide range of books on a variety of different subjects. Some genres they have published include: erotica, supernatural, contemporary romance, and children’s books. There previous works are: Not Mine to Keep by Shawn-taye, Erotica by Elizabeth Roberts, and The Secret Wives by Nikiya Mone among many more.


Elizabeth Roberts is the owner of Literary media & film company, Arait Justice Media Group LLC. She started her own publishing house in the spring of 2019. Although she grew up being the child of the famous author Zane, she never imagined she would end up in the Book Industry. In 2016, Elizabeth graduated from the University of Maryland College Park with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. After working various Law jobs in the Washington D.C. area, she decided the law field wasn’t for her and moved to Atlanta, Ga, where she pursued entrepreneurship, and that is how Arait Justice Media Group LLC was born. Arait Justice Media Group is a Literary Media and Production Company. Not only does Elizabeth publish books, but she makes them come to life on the TV screen. Since her startup in 2019, her business has become extremely successful. So far in its lifetime, Elizabeth has had one of her books featured on “The Real”, she has worked with numerous of celebrities in the Book and film industry, and she has done 7 Book trailers and 1 short film. Elizabeth’s book trailers/short films are now available on Roku. She has had the pleasure of writing a two-hour feature film, which will be coming to theaters soon. She has now helped over 45 authors get published with their books being distributed via Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart & More! Some of Elizabeth’s popular titles are Pure Thoughts 1 & 2 by herself and her co-author Shaina Little, Not Mine to Keep by Shawn-Taye, Consensual Deviance by Jabal Black, Sidechickology by Zane, and The Devil’s Stones by Alexxis Jaye and J. Alexander, but that is just to name a few. In addition, Elizabeth publish all genres including Contemporary Romance, erotica, mystery, poetry books, children’s books & more. Furthermore, she does visual book trailers and short films to go along with the books, so that the books stand out against the rest. 


A lot of people create their own problems and then play the victim. Such is the case with Darnell, who has been married to his beautiful wife, Ashley, for several years. Like a lot of men who find being monogamous a challenge, Darnell meets and seduces Kendra, the daughter of a prominent psychiatrist. Kendra was raised to have great self-esteem and to demand the best from men. Yet, she falls quickly and heavily for the promises of lifelong love, fancy vacations, and expensive trinkets that Darnell sells to her during pillow talk.

Like most fantasies, reality begins to set in when unexpected problems arise. Darnell finds himself trying to make amends with his wife while, at the same time, trying to deal with a pregnant mistress. Skeletons start to fall out of closets, feelings get out of control, and Darnell soon realizes that his arrogance, charm, and smooth talk cannot save him from learning a powerful lesson: there are some things you can never take back, like words after they’re said, actions after they’re done, and time once it’s passed.

“Pure Thoughts,” which airs on YouTube, originated from the Pure Thoughts erotica poetry, book collection written by Elizabeth Roberts and Shaina Little. Close to 3,000 viewers have already tuned in to the series, watching parts one through six . Their finale aired on September 16th 2022, where many watchers left great reviews. If you enjoy love, relationships, drama and scandal, then tune in! Check out “Pure Thoughts” on YouTube at the Arait Justice Show: https://youtube.com/channel/UCp-XI4XejqbLNwlyRZag9pg

To learn more about Elizabeth Roberts, Ariat Justice Media Group LLC, and “Pure Thoughts” visit:

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