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Meet the King of Corporate Comedy

Jan 21, 2023 | Interviews, News | 0 comments


Striving to be the best!


Why corporate comedy? I have a lot of experience in the corporate world and just want to share how i feel about it in a funny way.
Where does your inspiration come from? All the jobs ive had and the co workers who’ve felt exactly the same way as i do.
Where do you work now? New York Life.
What are your plans for the future? I plan to be a manager for New York Life in the future while still making skits and hosting events.

“I try to show the more human side of employees. We’re all so bogged down by our corporate lives, that a laugh here and there is crucial to our existence. I’m here to be the comedic elixir of life for everyone whos going through the motions at a soul sucking 9-5. I know there is plenty of turbulence at work no matter what your profession is. With all the jobs i’ve had, i’ve probably been in the exact shoes you’re in.”

Dave was born in Haiti and raised in Rockland County New York. His caribbean parents were strict so his awesome personality didn’t get to truly blossom until after highschool. It was after he graduated that his life as an entrepreneur started. His popularity soured as he started hosting events and dabbling in the entertainment industry. Now that he is married and has a step son to look after, his life has slowed down a bit and he is finally in a career that he sees himself in for the long run. Dave is currently a licensed agent for the fortune 100 company known as New York Life. He hope to educate his peers and community about financial literacy and the many ways to accumulate generational wealth. All jokes aside, Dave really has a heart of gold and hopes his genuine desire to help resonates with his fans. 💯

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What are some unique characteristics which make you The King of Corporate Comedy?

A: I wouldn’t necessarily even say im the king although i did feel that way at one point. I thought i was really bringing something new to instagram but i’ve found a nice sized community of hilarious corporate folks since i started making these videos. What i would say that’s unique about me is that even though i try to stick to the theme of corporate comedy, i still try to bring my own personality and creativity to each video. Even though i mostly use trending audio, i try to create an entirely different skit rather than just copy what i see someone else did.

How do you Support your fellow Corporate men cope up with the Corp Dilemmas?

A: I think I do that by pushing the same theme in my videos which is to never take your job more seriously than they take you. Put yourself first because no matter how much value you bring to a company, you are still very replaceable. I still believe that you should do your best in all you do and that should bring you peace. If thats not enough than I certainly advise to look elsewhere for employment. In this day and age of the internet, it is so easy to pick up a new skill as well as a new job.

What positive words of encouragement could you leave our readers with?

A: Strive to be the best at whatever you are doing. Your best attempt will have more rewards and lessons than a half given effort. Whether you are at the top of the corporate ladder or just a guy making funny videos to share your happiness with the world…give it your all.

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