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Master Storytelling with Wild Imagination & Daydreaming

Jan 21, 2023 | Interviews, News | 0 comments


Currently working on a podcast with her dear friend Jayleen Perez, where they talk about all things film, pop news, and personal stuff.


● Film roles
● Writing Process
● Awards and Accomplishments
● Tales From the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil Accolades
● Best Supporting Actress win from Golden Door Film Festival
● Best Ensemble New Jersey Film Awards
● Will be producing, and acting in film with Jayleen S Perez and Daniel Michael Gregory

Meet Jenna Kildosher

In her own words…

“A bit about me, I’m a writer and actor and have done some directing and producing. I’ve been a writer my whole life ever since I was a kid. I would either be reading or writing, not much in between! I started acting for theater in college by taking a chance on auditioning for The Rocky Horror Show at my local JCC. I did mostly theater until a friend of mine told me to audition for a local film called “Red Scare” by Narrow Bridge Films. I got a small roll and from then on focused a lot of film. The first script I wrote was a short comedy called Babe that was featured on Funny or Die. It really encouraged me to keep pursuing film. After working in film and theater for a couple of years I decided to try pageantry.”

“My first pageant I competed for Miss. New Jersey. Of course I wasn’t crowned but I did win Best Interview. That encouraged me to keep competing. In 2015 I was crowned Miss. New Jersey United States International. I went on to capture another title of Ms. Elite New Jersey Earth. After my reign ended I decided to hang up my crown so to speak.”

“More recently I worked on an anthology with Narrow Bridge Films called The Wyrmwood Devil. I have a supporting acting role in it and also directed my first horror short called Mirrors. It reflects the struggle most women go through when we know something is wrong with our health and no one listens. It starred Eva Visco and Mike Mumola. The anthology recently premiered at Golden Door Film Festival where I was awarded Best Supporting actor for my role in the film. The anthology has gone on to win multiple awards across various film festivals. It’s been an incredible accomplishment by all involved. Now I am working on a short with Jayleen S Perez and Daniel Michael Gregory. We will be shooting in the Spring and hope to premiere by the fall. So please keep an eye out for it!”

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What are some unique characteristics which make you an amazing actor?

Jenna: Thank you for that, I do try my best. I do like to study people a lot. People watching and just sitting and absorbing life around me just helps me put characters together. I don’t know if that’s unique but it definitely helps with my acting. Other than that method, growing up teachers and adults would tease me and say that I’m a daydreamer or I’m “in the clouds” or my own little world. What I would be doing was making up stories in my head or putting together a poem or a song and start singing it or acting it out without realizing. I guess I was a bit of a weird kid but I couldn’t help myself. I still have a wild imagination and it really helps when creating a character.

You are so multi-talented! What do you enjoy the most about Writing?

Jenna: Thank you. I truly appreciate that! I used to feel like I was a jack of all trades but master of none. But writing has brought me so many things in my life. I hate that I ever believed that. What I love most about writing is the escape. I don’t mean that in a bad way. But I love taking on the journey of the stories I write. I get into this focused gray space and I can literally see the pages I’m writing turn into a movie in my head. It’s a real dopamine boost. Same as with reading for me, I used to bring stacks of books home from the library and read to my heart’s content. Eventually I realized I could be making these stories and that maybe someone will read or see it pour themselves into the story.

Please tell us more about Horror Short “Mirrors” Directed by you, & What Inspired you to do it?

Jenna: I wrote Mirrors at a time in my life when I realized how many women went through doctor after doctor trying to find answers about why they were sick or in pain. Often they would never get correct answers or be misdiagnosed and just be told that it’s in their head or they were faking it. Mirror’s is a reflection of that. It’s about a woman who knows something bad is happening to her but is ignored by her husband and doctor repeatedly. Since no one believed her or treated her well they met an untimely fate. After writing Mirrors, I knew I had to direct it to get it just right. Not that I couldn’t trust anyone with it, but that it was a story I had to tell with my own voice. I’m proud to say it was my directorial debut especially with such a great crew and amazing cast , Eva Visco, Mike Mumola, Megan Hoche (nee. Bussiere). I also have to thank Narrow Bridge Films for believing in me that I could make something worthwhile.

What is it about the entertainment industry that moves your soul?

Jenna: Storytelling is so important. It shapes our lives. I love that it takes so many people with so many different talents to get together and make something marvelous. Working in theater really helped me see that. For some, tech week is hell but it was my personal heaven. I love seeing the fruits of everyone’s labor come to life. You finally get to see the play or musical put on its feet with costumes, lights, sounds and ques. It really has its own magic. Film is a bit different that way. Even if you are acting you still don’t get to see the final product until it is edited and pieced together. Sometimes you don’t even feel like you made a whole movie or short film. But every part counts no matter who you are on a set or stage.

What is a super fun fact about yourself that you would like to share with our readers?

Jenna: I’m currently working on a podcast with my friend Jayleen Perez. We have done a few test throughs so far. But we will be releasing episodes soon. So look out for Last Looks with Jenna and Jayleen. We talk about all things film, pop news, and personal..

2022 – How was it for you?

Jenna: This year has had some highs and lows like any year. But notably I won my first acting award at the Golden Door Film Festival. The anthology,A Tale from the Narrow Bridge: The Wyrmwood Devil has been winning festival awards all over the country. It’s been so exciting. Personally, I have been trying to work on myself this year. I think it’s helped my mental health tremendously to slow down and not say yes to every project that comes my way or to power through things when I can barely keep myself together for. I felt I’ve been able to take in the moment more and cherish the smaller things in life. I still have a way to go but I think I can take on more things with a better head on my shoulders. So 2023 I hope to make it count. I plan to take on more acting roles and projects. I have a very bright outlook for this next year.

What positive words of encouragement could you leave our readers with?

Jenna: “Don’t let the assholes get you down” – Kesha I’m kidding sort of… But in all seriousness, you can’t take everything or everyone too seriously. We don’t have enough time in our lives for that.

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