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King of Music with Unmatched level of Energy and Good Vibes

Jan 21, 2023 | Interviews, News | 0 comments


Music Artist, Saxophonist, Actor

Meet King P (born Phillip Solomon Stewart in Miami, Fl.)

A Jamaican-rooted Hip Hop artist and saxophonist residing in Los Angeles, California, who delivers an unmatched level of energy through his Dancehall flair.

While studying at the Florida A&M University (FAMU), he got recruited by Kendall “Ken Jo” Johnson, a Grammy award winning producer, to lay the saxophone track for Ludacris’s Woozy record. King P also scored the high profile job of Assistant Head Drum Major for Prince’s Superbowl XLI Halftime Show in 2007.

After two very successful Gospel albums, Stand and I Need You Now, King P decided to settle on a Dancehall-infused Hip Hop sound as part of his newfound commercial affinity. Respectively, he released Good Vibes, which was awarded The Best World Music (and Best Choreography) by the California Music Video Awards Film Festival in February 2020. The music video garnered over 150k views and was followed by an even more popular release, Put It On Repeat, that has amassed over 300k views.

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Welcome to BIZBoost! How did your creative influential brand King P come about?

King P: My original born name is King! King Solomon Stewart given to me by my father. My mom changed it to Phillip; however, they continued calling me King. So you can see how easy it was for my artist name to be King P. The brand of King P is a good vibes nature because I am known to always smile and being positive, but also after releasing my single and video Good Vibes which started the upward movement of the King P brand.

Please tell our readers about your latest projects and the ones you have coming up.

King P: While still pushing my single Slip N Slide, we are releasing new music every month. Slip N Slide now has the remix version out that features the Love and Hip Hop Miami cast member Brisco of Poe Boy Entertainment and former Cash Money Records artist. New single called Beautiful followed and then High in the Sky which is also on the EP of Mood Swings by AutoCon, an artist and producer in Nigeria that’s getting good momentum in the clubs. In 2023, on the 2nd of each month look for music from King P, with titles like: Good Vibes remix, She Make Me Wait, Florida Boy, Are You Ready, Sexy Time, I don’t mean to be greedy and more…. Along with music we have a feature film coming out in 2023 titled, Open The Door that actor Phillip Solomon Stewart, aka music artist King P stars in the lead role.

What impact do you want to make in the world through your empowering work?

King P: To spread Good Vibes. That is who I am and my slogan which I caption on almost every post is Good Vibes to the World! I will make people feel good and dance again and spread love and positivity and unity!

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

King P: It is rewarding and inspiring to myself as well. When I listen to my music like High in the Sky, it motivates me. I make music to inspire others but I’m also speaking to myself as well. The feel good music I make just makes me want to dance just as I want others to dance. There was a time that I didn’t like to hear myself on a recording but I love it now so I can listen to myself all day and uplift myself.

What advice would you have for aspiring artists?

King P: Learn yourself and be you. Be consistent, be intentional, get better and better and persevere to the end! Listen to my song High in Sky for motivation, especially the last verse. One of my friends sent my own lyrics to my song High in the Sky to me randomly because he was inspired and he also wanted it to be a reminder to me as I continue my journey.

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