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Visionary Artist Spotlight: Tha Real

Aug 16, 2022 | Interviews | 0 comments


It gets no realer than Tha Real!

J. Steven Williams aka Tha Real is an artist from Brooklyn, New York. He is an accomplished actor, poet, host, curator, and author. As an actor, he has worked on many short film projects both that he produced or just landed a role. In 2009, he landed a role in the full-length film King Of Paper Chasin. An indie Urban Crime Drama based in NYC. This indie film broke ticket sales at the HBO Latino Film Festival totally selling out two showings in a matter of hours. The film has been seen on HBO, SHOWTIME, CINEMAX, NETFLIX, and HULU.

As a poet, since 2000 he has graced many stages in NYC. From the historic NuyoRican Poets Café to Thought Provoking Poetry Slam, the United Nations to The National Action Network. People have experienced his brand as a sign of the times poetry. Not just one to perform at poetry-based events. Tha Real has also performed at community-based events from Autism Awareness to the homecoming of A political prisoner, He is also the curator of over 90 poetry showcases, open mics, and events to date including a participant in the 10,000 poets for peace worldwide day of poetry.

Since 2001, Tha Real has hosted talent shows, award shows, slams, open mics, fashion shows and the list goes on. Not just shows, he has also been the host of shows on BCAT a local cable network, and the host of his own internet radio show as well as the host of The Session on Khalfani Radio.

He is also a multi-book author, he’s the author of the Book: Reloaded And That’s Just Why Your Ass Is Still Single, a non-traditional relationship book that looks at the behaviors that keep people from finding the right one. A book that was written to truly help women understand men and how their words and wording creates either Mr.Right or Mr. Right Now.

Recently, he has begun an open mic for poets & comedians called “Truth N Jokes” at the Black-Owned Comedy Club “Comedy In Harlem” you can also catch him in “In Vein” and season 3 of Foster Sin both produced by Ray loot.

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Please tell us about “Truth N Jokes” and the impact you are making through the open mic for poets and comedians.

Tha Real: Thank you, so being that I have a history and love for both comedy and poetry, I decided to put together a show called Truth N Jokes. It’s an open mic with special guest performers and a chance for artists who are interested to earn some money by getting a percentage of the ticket sales. This way they not only build their support base but also get to practice their networking skills. The open mic currently takes place on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. We do it at The Only Black-Owned Comedy Club “Comedy In Harlem” opened by comedian Jamie Roberts.

What is the most meaningful poem you have written and why?

Tha Real: The most meaningful poem I ever wrote is would say is a tie between (They) and (A Message To My Sun). “They” because it’s the first poem I wrote. “A Message To My Sun” because it’s real lessons for my actual SUN Malik J. Williams

What is a quote that you live by?

Tha Real: It’s not what you call me, it’s what I answer to.

What does the rest of the year look like for you?

Tha Real: The rest of the year is building, like a lot of people I’m still bouncing back from the world shutting down. So we are building “ Truth N Jokes” to be all it can be for up-and-coming artists. I’m also working on a poetry slam league and finally putting this film degree to work with a web series.

Keep up to date @mr_truth_n_jokes

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