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Tiffany Cartwright launches National Beauty Brand and Gives Back To Her Community

Aug 5, 2022 | Interviews | 0 comments


e can all name hundreds of beauty brands but not all are created equal. Glam Body Scrubs was able to lock in deals with Walmart, Target, Stop and Shop and Meijer stores over the past couple of years. To achieve that during these unprecedented times in the world is a testament to this brand’s perseverance.

The products have several 5 star reviews on Walmart online to back up the company’s claims that the scrubs are the best.

While the products themselves are amazing the owner is extraordinary in her own right.

Glam Body Scrubs founder, Tiffany Cartwright, is a former Assistant Attorney General and former Administrative Law Judge for the State of Michigan who was laid off in 2012 due to State budget cuts. She returned in 2015 but was again released in 2016. “I went from University of Michigan Law School, Assistant Attorney General and Administrative Law Judge to unemployed, no health insurance, no money, and a bridge card. I lost everything!” says Cartwright.

Determined not to give up, she developed a line of body scrubs mixing natural ingredients she started using to treat her daughter’s eczema. For years she had given the scrubs out as birthday, Mother’s Day, and holiday gifts but never dreamed she’d be sharing those same scrubs with customers throughout the country. Tiffany is also known for her community work where she helps vulnerable citizens such as women who have been victims of domestic violence and human trafficking.

We were able to interview Tiffany and learn more about her success story.

What would you say has been your most rewarding moment in business so far?

Tiffany: My most rewarding moments have been being blessed with opportunities to have my products on store shelves in Target,  Walmart and Stop & Shop stores throughout the entire country! Additionally, being able to successfully pitch to the Shark Tank team in Detroit.

What’s your most popular product?

Tiffany: My most popular product is the GLAM Bubblin brown sugar body scrub.

Why is it important to you to give back?

Tiffany: It is so important to give back because we are blessed to be a blessing and when God opens a door for you it is imperative that you hold it open for those who will come behind you!

Learn more at amarraglambodyproducts.com

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