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Tap into their inner warrior and healer with Dr. Manuel Camarena

Jan 13, 2023 | Interviews | 0 comments


Mental health, fitness, and spirituality


● United States Navy veteran
● From school psychology to clinical psychology
● Experienced working with at-risk youth who have challenging behaviors
● Initiated Guide and 3rd step Ritual Master in the lineage of King Salomon (studied for 6+ years)
● Supports men with reconnecting with their inner warrior and healer (1. Thought; 2. Heart; 3. action)
● Martial artist, and sponsored athlete by EPN supplements
● Brand ambassador for Rezillion Apparel, LyftLyfe and State and Liberty
● Was invited to be a speaker with the MATC (Men, Anxiety, and the conversation) conference
● Was invited to collaborate with Solace in Asia
● Preferential counseling theories and approaches- (Humanistic) attachment theory, narrative therapy, and
existential therapy
● Future aspirations is to open a wellness/healing center for men

Meet Dr. Cam, a United States Navy veteran who is passionately supporting men to healing through psychology, fitness, and metaphysics. Dr. Cam grew up in Los Angeles, California (where he always felt as if there was more to life). After being honorably discharged from the United States Military, he enrolled at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (majored in speech-language pathology and audiology). Inspired to make a difference in the world, and after having a spiritual awakening, he later changed his major to psychology. He obtained both his masters and doctoral degree in school/educational psychology from Alliant International University. Dr. Cam is currently registered in the state of California as a psychological associate. He is working towards becoming licensed as a Psychologist in the state of California, so that he can open a private practice in the clinical setting.

During his masters degree studies in 2016, Dr. Cam became initiated into the Modern Mystery School. He
currently is initiated spiritual Guide and 3rd step Ritual Master (Magus Hermeticus). Since studying in an ancient lineage (metaphysics), he started to reconnect with hidden aspects of who he was. By doing so, what he found was that many of the difficulties humans are facing is due to a lack of awareness, and the unwillingness to release attachments. This also includes remembering their relations to the cosmos, outside of the human experience.

After seeing too many of his guy friends suffer in silence from mental health disorders, and wanting to pay it forward, he decided to take a stand in his life. He now actively supports other men by sharing his experiences and providing spiritual sessions. Dr. Cam also stays engaged with the fitness community by training in Kuk Sool Kwan (Costa Mesa, CA) martial arts with Master Mike Dunchok (7th Dan), being a sponsored athlete with EPN Supplements, and also a brand ambassador for Rezillion Apparel, LyftLyfe, and State and Liberty.

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Please describe “The Moment” when you knew that being a “Clinical Psychologist” was your divine purpose in life?

Dr. Cam: It is interesting, because growing up as an adolescent, the field of mental health was not a career that I was seeking. I originally wanted to be a firefighter or a police officer. I later realized that being a humanitarian was the correlating link between the two. Looking back, the turning point for me was when I had a spiritual awakening in 2011.

While visiting my mother in Oklahoma I awoke to a live tarantula that later disappeared in front of my eyes. From that moment on I was curious about consciousness, human mind, and how we are in relation to the planet/universe. Since then I have been passionate about supporting others with remembering their purpose in life, and finding ways to appropriately address and overcome common life challenges.

As a United States Navy veteran, What was the journey like for you from start to finish?

Dr. Cam: After high school I significantly struggled to find my way in life. Due to personal challenges, I decided that I needed to put myself into service, and to start a new life. With the support of my grandfather, I enlisted in the USN. After choosing my rate (Aviation Boatswain Handler), I departed to bootcamp.

A funny story that happened while there was after I graduated I had to stay on base for a couple of days extra, because my orders were not ready. When it came time to leave, I went to grab what I thought was my sea bag and left. When I got to my duty station I realized that the sailor who was sitting next to me grabbed my bag instead of his. As a result I had to repurchase everything all over again!

From start to finish I transformed from a lost young man to an adult who was dedicated and mission oriented. I learned and honed in on my leadership skills, and I found that I was not afraid of leaving the “nest”, that no matter what I will find my way in life.

What has your journey been like helping “at-risk youth” who have challenging behaviors and bringing their potential to life?

Dr. Cam: This by far is one of my passions in life. It is interesting because I believe that mental health practitioners join the field because they either have personally experienced mental health impairments, or they have witnessed it within their immediate family members. Having stated this, there is a deep desire to support others with being able to heal through their life challenges.

What I have noticed in working with “at-risk” youth who have challenging behaviors is that they are living with pain, and they have not developed the skills to address those areas. As a result, common things that can occur is they will develop improper ways of communicating, and they may seek to cut off relationships or will self-sabotage them.

When I work with students who are considered “at-risk”, my main focus is building a relationship that is founded on trust and respect. I seek to support students with healing by developing greater awareness around who they are, which includes their strengths. I Also make it a point to remind them that they are the author of their life, and that they have a special purpose on this planet.

How do you Support men with reconnecting with their inner warrior and healer?

Dr. Cam: One of the primary methods that I use is to support men with reconnecting with their inner warrior and healer within by supporting them with the use of handed down teachings and tools from a mystery school. Within the Modern Mystery School school there is a healer and warrior path, both providing men with the ability to formulate greater stability within their life.

What I have found is that men can struggle to properly harness and direct their energy. As a result, much of their time can be spent on developing things that they are not passionate about. They also can struggle with processing their emotions, which can lead to frustration, and feeling unimportant.

What I love about the Mystery School is that there is a framework or path that has been preserved over centuries. At the same time there is a storage unit of accumulated energy that can be tapped into any point in time. As a result, men are able to receive additional support, insight, and strength to face life challenges.

You are so multi-talented! What do you enjoy the most about Martial arts & being an athlete?

Dr. Cam: I appreciate the compliment, and also how attentive your team has been throughout this process. Martial arts has always been an area of interest, even since I was young. However, due to the fees of training, my parents had me play tackle football instead. I always had the intention of training when I was older; which later I did. It was not until I became initiated as a Ritual Master and attending Warriors of Light (yearly martial arts training) through the Modern Mystery School, when I really began to hone in on my martial art skills.

What I love the most about martial arts; especially training with Master Mike Dunchok in Kuk Sool Kwan, is that I am continuously learning about myself. In Kuk Sool Kwan we have weapons training, along with soft martial arts (e.g., hapkido) and hard martial arts (e.g., kung fu). Most men will adapt well to hard martial arts and struggle with the soft, because they are tense and in reaction mode. They will struggle with quitting the mind and remaining calm; especially when a punch is thrown at them.

What can you tell us about your Speaking engagement at the MATC (Men, Anxiety, and the conversation) conference?

Dr. Cam: Yes! Right now MATC is in the development stage, so I have not spoken for their convention. However, I have had numerous conversations with Rya Allen, and I can say he is the real deal. When he has a vision, he will go after it! He also is very passionate about his projects, which in this case, is supporting men with healing. The conference is primarily focused on holding conversations around anxiety, and showing men that we can come together, share our stories, and find ways to become the best version of who we are.

What are some of your Signature Preferential Counseling Theories and Approaches that you apply as a “Clinical Psychologist” with your patients?

Dr. Cam: When it comes to counseling theories I have a Humanistic approach. The number reason why this is my preference is because I believe it greatly aligns with the mystery school teachings. All humans have the ability to make progress towards and to tap greater into their full potential.

As a therapist, I guide and support client’s with the use of a variety of techniques. This can include narrative therapy, existential therapy; and bringing greater awareness to the different attachments. With the use of therapeutic tools clients are able to be seen, heard, validated, and most importantly empowered to make different decisions in their life.

What else would you like us to know about you and your work?

Dr. Cam: Growing up I was shy; I did not want to be seen. As a result, I looked down upon myself, which caused greater separation within. With the support of energy work, I have been able to restore some of the rifts or fractures that have occurred within my life. As a result, I have developed my voice and I take ownership of my presence in the world. With my new found self, I now partner with other brands that align with my values and interests. I find that working with other brands allows for me to show my diversity, and it is a way for me to connect with others.

Positive words of encouragement

Dr. Cam: Far too often us men will have a busy mind. We have a narrative that we are playing over and over again, and a bravado that has to be upheld.

I would say take some time out of your day to sit with who you are. Breath into your heart, and allow for your mind to be still. You are far greater and more expensive than what you see when you look at yourself in the mirror. Seek to connect with your expansiveness, and release what is holding you back from doing so. Then share your new found gifts with others.

What are you looking forward to for the New Year 2023?

Dr. Cam: One of my main goals for 2023 is to partner with other individuals who are passionate about holding retreats for men. This can include social skills/communication development, intro to martial arts, and spiritual intuition/development classes. Having experienced numerous retreats in the past, I can say first hand that they are powerful; especially when there is a focus placed on the energy or intention of the retreat.

Connect with Dr. Manuel Camarena

Follow on Instagram @_Dr.Cam_
Psychological Associate | Modern Mystery School Guide | Healer | Teacher
Visit http://doctorcamarena.com/

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