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Government Contracts Strategist Karwanna D Releases Book, ‘Don’t Duck The Government They’ve Got Your Money’

Jun 29, 2022 | News | 0 comments


BIZBoost News would like to congratulate Government Contracts Strategist Karwanna D on the release of her new book titled ‘Don’t Duck The Government They’ve Got Your Money’, which is a companion book for small business owners who want to learn how to grow their business with government contracts.

Over the past couple years, Government Contracts Strategist Karwanna D, has helped over 200+ business owners generate in excess of $3million and growing in revenues and growing.

Karwanna has learned how to build a business from the ground up and that includes establishing your business, marketing, branding, building a website, understanding your target market, and more.

Karwanna D’s expertise has been featured in publications such as BIZBoost Magazine, Sheen Magazine, SwagHer Magazine, Heart of Hollywood Magazine, Brainz Magazine, Hustle and Soul Magazine, We Empower Magazine, and more.

Her Latest LIVE Interview at ticker ORIGINALS

Be sure to check out the Trillion Dollar GovCon Qualifier App she created.

The app was created as a tool that’s easily accessible to anyone who’s interested in getting pre-qualified for government contracts. This app will not only tell you what small business government contracting programs you qualify for, but it also tells you exactly what you need to have in business so that you can qualify for contracts.

It’s a great way to audit and optimize your business foundation so that you can become the business that not only the government will buy from, but corporations as well, who also award large contracts to diverse small businesses. So it’s vital for every business to use it so you know where you stand as a business and it’ll send you a complete printout of your assessment with actionable steps you need to take to grow your business.

It’s available on both Apple and Android

Apple store link:


Google Store Link:


For more information about the book, head to this website, and for more about Karwanna D, click here.

Photography by @rhaynacphotography

Karwanna D Irving is also featured at BIZBoost Magazine Issue #6 P. 24-27 | TO READ FULL STORY & INTERVIEW click here

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