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Exclusive Interview: An Inspiration Journey of Josias Jean-Pierre, From Betrayal to Victory

Jun 7, 2024 | Interviews, News | 0 comments


Chosen Pen Publishing‘s Virtual Book Tour 2024 Spotlight

Josias Jean-Pierre

Best Selling Author | Board Certified Credit Consultant | Motivational Speaker | Forbes BIK Member

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A Glimpse!

Meet Josias Jean-Pierre, a five-time author and renowned motivational speaker who has impacted lives globally with his powerful words. From being featured on prestigious platforms like Forbes to receiving the 2024 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award, his mission is clear: to empower others to reach their fullest potential.

His book “Come Back from Betrayed” shares stories of overcoming betrayal, offering narratives and actionable steps for healing. Through his works, including “The Power of Your Words,”
Josias inspires readers to turn Life’s challenges into opportunities for growth.

Books By Josias Jean-Pierre

Following his passion to inspire others to heal their devastating pain, Josias has written bestselling books like:

☑️Come Back from Betrayed

☑️The Power of Your Words

☑️My hurt taught me, but my pain motivated me

☑️And more

☑️If you are experiencing betrayal, “Come Back from Betrayed” by Josias Jean-Pierre is a must-read book! It will help you overcome the pain.

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This book will truly inspire thousands of breakthroughs as you read these chapters. It is not a bio/memoir style book but more of a self-help book where you not only get the story but also steps for overcoming your betrayal.

☑️Of course, another one is the life-changing book The Power of Your Words. It inspires readers to turn Life’s challenges into opportunities for growth.
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☑️My hurt taught me, but my pain motivated me:
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To order all these insightful books filled with Life’s wisdom by Josias Jean-Pierre at Amazon: BUY NOW

Introduction of A Powerful Multifaceted Man, Josias Jean-Pierre

Josias Jean-Pierre is a leading best-selling author, motivational speaker, educator, and entrepreneur. His powerful talks on stage have impacted lives nationally and internationally.
Today, he is well known for his wisdom in tackling Life’s thicks and thins. But in his earlier Life, he suffered a lot alone. His father betrayed him
, he broke, and then he made himself a thousand times stronger.

He says, “I was betrayed. From this betrayal, I learned the power of therapy, forgiveness, and to finish the race that was started. I am grateful to share my journey because I know my story will help someone fight a good fight while going through betrayal. My betrayal was by my father. I hope my chapter will help you overcome and be inspired to find your healing.”

Josias, An Author of Altruism

Later on, Josias was featured on major platforms such as Forbes, LA Wire 30 under 30, with Ariana Grandè and Lil Nas X, Thisis50 with the G unit brand, The American Reporter, We Empower Magazine, Yahoo Finance, where he was featured as one of the top 10 inspirational African Americans of 2021 with Ice Cube and much more platforms.

Jean-Pierre’s mission is to empower and equip others with the tools they need to elevate and blossom fully into whom God created them to be. His resiliency and dedication to impacting lives made him the recipient of the 2024 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. From breaking the odds thrown his way and using the mess of Life to turn it into a message, the test of Life to turn it into a testimony and the miseries of Life to turn it into a powerful ministry.

Interview Summary

1. Josias, in your “Come Back from Betrayed” book, you write, “My betrayal was by my father.” Coming to the real world, your journey from experiencing betrayal to becoming a motivational speaker and Author is genuinely inspiring.

Would you love to share with us about the betrayal and how you found the strength to overcome such a profound betrayal? What led you to embark on this path of empowering others?

Josias: My betrayal started at the age of five when my father told two of my brothers at the time to never call me dad. I am not your dad. I went through Life from five to twenty-eight years old believing that this man was not my dad. I was yearning and searching for a father’s love with questions about who is my dad. That was a mental battle I had to face every single day. Witnessing domestic violence, him beating my mother, I remember saying Dad, STOP. And that’s when the words, “Don’t call me dad. I am not your dad. Call me pastor.

For twenty-three years, I have called him pastor, which was disgusting because the manifested fruits were not Christ’s fruits. The strength I had to overcome was in 2022 when my pastor, Joseph Bowman of integrity life church in Federal Way, preached a Father’s Day message. And one thing he said was this, “Lots of us have father wounds that have not been handled. We are feeling the giant, but we never face the giant and forgive the giant. Facing and forgiving the giant is key to healing and growth. If you don’t heal from this giant, you will carry this giant to your legacy.” On Father’s Day, I went back to my parent’s house with anxiety flowing up and me pacing back and forth, battling mentally because I was about to release lots that I didn’t know were in me. I took him outside and talked; every part of my childhood came out and cried. Twenty-three years of pain, neglect, abandonment, and rejection were all released. My strength in overcoming this was because my legacy deserves one who’s healed. The family I will be blessed with deserves a healed father and husband.

2. (Continuing to question 1) Your book “Come Back from Betrayed” is a powerful testament to resilience and healing.

What inspired you to share your personal story, and what message do you hope readers will take away from it?

Josias: What inspired me to share my story is that other folks have a story like mine. In a society that gives messages like, “Men can’t be vulnerable, fake it until you make it, men don’t cry.” Those are messages that became a part of a manhood identity, and we find ourselves walking and carrying childhood hurt and trauma into our adulthood because nobody ever told us that men do cry, strong men are vulnerable, and it’s okay not to be okay, but it’s not okay to stay not okay. As someone resilient, I wanted to share the power of resiliency so they can overcome and have a breakthrough for their legacy. Many people see the glory but don’t know the story, which is a part of the story.

3. Undoubtedly, we are talking to Amazon’s best-selling Author, motivational speaker, and one of the top 10 inspirational African Americans (2021). But as a board-certified consultant, you bring a unique perspective to your work.

How do you integrate financial empowerment into your personal growth and resilience message?

Josias: The way I integrate financial empowerment into personal growth is when I talk about opportunities. Like how the mess can turn into powerful messages and the test can become powerful testimonies. All those opportunities are being created not for you but for someone you might connect to and who needs to hear how you made it over the storm. That’s an opportunity to share the healing journey and how you overcame it. It’s the same way when talking about financial empowerment and the opportunity it brings to economic empowerment. You don’t know what you don’t know until you know. But once you know, you are liable for the information that you hold. I talk about how credit opens doors and how lenders view your credibility because of your credit. Understanding how credit works and how to leverage credit to create more significant opportunities and open more doors.

4. Your accolades include being featured on major platforms such as Forbes and Yahoo Finance and receiving the 2024 Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award.

What moments in your career do you consider to be the most pivotal in shaping your journey?

Josias: Outside of those accolades, one of the most pivotal moments in shaping my journey was when I was asked to write a poem tribute to a Haitian legend, Mikaben. Mikaben, whose real name is Michael Benjamin, is a Haitian artist who died via cardiac arrest after his live performance in France. You never know who’s watching your work and who’s inspired. The Haiti Open magazine did a tribute to this artist, and I was asked if I could be a part of this tribute and write a poem about this artist that will be featured in this magazine. For the village, I said yes, and I was honoured. I wrote a poem called Everything About You, which was featured in the magazine. This moment is pivotal because I have always wanted to write in some way, form or fashion for my Haitian community and be a blessing. And to be asked to be a part of this was nothing but God.

5. “The Power of Your Words” is another one of your impactful books.

Could you elaborate on the significance of this message and how harnessing the power of language can lead to personal transformation?

Josias: I always say you don’t need a weapon to kill. Just use your words. The most dangerous weapons we have as humans are not guns but tongues. There’s Life and death in the power of the tongue, and if we are not careful with what we allow to plant over our lives, we will start reaping the seeds that are being planted. We have the power to build others with our words or destroy others with our words. Our words will determine what we believe about ourselves and our mindset, and they will also determine what it is that we will leave behind. I had this vision at 13 years old that I was going to transform lives throughout the world. But people told me that was impossible because I had stuttering issues, talked too fast, was in special education, and had a learning disability due to my diagnosis of epilepsy.

People saw the setbacks and spoke about death where Life needed to be. I had a choice to either let how things look determine my final destination or let how things look be my motivation to keep going and use that as a message of hope and inspiration. While others were speaking about death because of how things looked, I rebuked the negativity and kept on speaking about Life because I believed what I saw at a young age was a glimpse of what my vision was in this world. To say, within 17 years, a lot of stuff happened, and the very same educators and audience who told me to give up are the same people I go back to and speak at their events and conferences. When you talk about Life, despite how it looks, all you will have is the mindset of an overcomer and believing that this, too, shall pass, and in due season, it will pass.

6. Oh yeah, we have a multifaceted man. In addition to being an author, you’re also an educator and entrepreneur.

How do these roles complement each other in your mission to empower others?

Josias: As an educator, I can go down the elevator and help someone else elevate and grow despite the storms they face. Being an educator and entrepreneur complement each other because, with my footprints, I can show others that dreams can flourish in spite of whatever they can be. In spite of the obstacles, the trials, the tribulations, dreams can flourish and grow. I am able to make time for what I love to do, which is empowering a generation to be limitless and resilient in the midst of it all.

7. Looking ahead, what are your personal and professional aspirations for the future?

Josias: Looking ahead, my aspirations for the future, both personally and professionally, are to one day launch a coaching program within the next 3-5 years. Personally, I want to continue working on myself and make myself a vessel for whatever God wants to do in my Life.

8. Lastly, what are your future endeavours? Please share any exciting projects, books, or items in the lineup.

Josias: My next endeavour is I have a book that is being written with Les Brown.

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Dive into the transformative stories of resilience and empowerment in Josias Jean-Pierre’s books:
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