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Entrepreneur Olivia Gunn Announces Book Release, ‘Social Media and Business’

Jan 12, 2023 | News | 0 comments

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Olivia Gunn is proud to announce her latest work, “Social Media and Business: Influencing Buying Decisions of Millennial and Gen Z Consumers.” The book gives insight into how social media can help to better reach and influence the purchasing decisions of millennials and younger.

“Social Media and Business: Influencing Buying Decisions of Millennial and Gen Z Consumers” delves into marketing to the millennial generation and the Gen Z population.

The book looks at millennial and Gen Z culture, values, and factors that impact their buying choices. Furthermore, this book explains how these generations use social media and how social media serves as the primary communications method to influence both generations when deciding to make purchases.

“Today, roughly half the nation’s population is either a millennial or younger,” Gunn explained. “Therefore, it’s important for several businesses and entrepreneurs to grasp an understanding of what influences these generations to buy from and become loyal to certain brands. My book explains how social media influences millennial and Gen Z purchasing habits and how using social media is not optional when selling to these two groups.’

Olivia Gunn is the owner of Olivia Gunn PR & Communications where she helps small businesses and organizations develop effective communications strategies to grow their brand and expand their reach. She also serves as a public relations liaison for county government in metro-Atlanta.

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Written by Olivia Gunn

A native of Columbus, Georgia, Olivia Gunn is a communications specialist who is dedicated to helping businesses and brands reach their full potential. Gunn’s commitment to the field of communications is evident through her continued tenure in the industry. Her goal is to foster valuable relationships and be an asset to businesses and organizations worldwide. Gunn obtained a Master of Art degree in public relations from Webster University. She also received a bachelor’s degree in communication from Columbus State University and an associate degree in business management from Columbus Technical College. Upon completing her undergraduate studies, Gunn took on the role as digital content producer in 2016 with an ABC affiliate news station in Columbus and has soared in the communications field ever since. In 2018, Gunn became the host of “Live with Olivia Gunn,” a radio show that broadcasted on urban radio station, Foxie 105 FM, in Columbus until 2021. Above all of her accomplishments, Gunn recognizes establishing her own business as one of her biggest successes. Gunn founded Olivia Gunn PR and Communications in 2019 where she’s had the opportunity to help multiple small businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs with PR campaigns, media relations, and communications strategies for their events, product launches, and overall brand. In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Gunn is also a multi-platform producer at an NBC affiliate news station in Atlanta, Georgia. A woman of many accomplishments and esteemed value, Gunn is committed to continued growth in the communications industry and enhancing the brands of businesses to come.

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