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Elon Musk’s X Corp Absorbs Twitter Inc: The Birth of the “Everything App”

Apr 11, 2023 | News | 0 comments


In a surprising turn of events, Twitter Inc. has merged with X Corp, effectively erasing the social media giant from existence. The move was confirmed in a recent court filing, and Musk himself tweeted about it, simply posting the letter “X”. With this acquisition, Musk’s vision of creating an “everything app” may now become a reality.

This development is coming from far past after a tweet from YouTuber and Tesla investor Dave Lee suggested that Musk should form a holding company called X, which would serve as the parent company for Musk’s various ventures, including Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, and Boring Company. Musk responded positively to the idea, and later revealed that X Corp would be based in Nevada.

X Corp. is part of X Holding Corps, and Musk has professed his desire to make “Everything App” or “Everything X” similar to China’s WeChat, a super-app used for everything from payments, banking and booking event tickets to messaging.

In fact, Musk has long been attached to the letter X, even outside of his kids’ names. In 1999, he founded X.com, an online bank that soon merged with another company to become PayPal. The letter “X” also appeared in other business ventures over the years: SpaceX, Tesla’s Model X car, X Holdings corporations, and “Project X,” the official SEC-recognized name for the Twitter purchase’s $13 billion bank loan.

The new phase of Twitter will be X Corp.

It’s not a secret that Musk has been interested in creating an “everything app” for quite some time now. He has suggested in the past that buying Twitter would be an “accelerant” for creating X. The combination of Twitter’s functions and Musk’s vision for X Corp. could create a super-app that would change the way we interact with technology.

While it’s not yet clear what Everything App will look like, it’s clear that Musk has big plans for it. The world’s second-richest man has shown a willingness to take risks and pursue ambitious goals. This could be the next big thing in tech, and it’s definitely something to keep an eye on.

Twitter Inc. has been merged with X Corp. and “no longer exists,” Elon Musk’s company says in a court filing.

The merger of Twitter Inc. into X Corp. marks the beginning of a new phase for Twitter and a bold move by Elon Musk. X Corp. is the new parent company of Twitter, and it’s being viewed as the start of the everything app. With Musk’s vision and determination, This could be the next big evolution in tech.

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