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“Digital Assassins I: Surviving Cyberterrorism and a Digital Assassination Attempt” by Danielle Spencer

Jul 6, 2024 | News | 0 comments


Digital Assassins Books: Series I | Series II

Editorial Reviews: BIZBoost is presenting the key takeaways from Danielle Spencer‘s best-selling book, “Digital Assassins: Surviving Cyberterrorism and a Digital Assassination Attempt.” Have a look at what Spencer has exposed about Cyberterrorism and Survival.

So, here are the best pieces from the first series of Digital Assassins written by a Federal Government Whistleblower who later became an Award-Winning Author and Privacy Advocate. Digital Assassins: Surviving Cyberterrorism and a Digital Assassination Attempt delves into a harrowing story of resilience against the backdrop of modern digital threats.

Through a combination of narrative fiction and real-life experience, Spencer tells a terrifying tale of being targeted and surviving against a powerful enemy.

Book Summary of Digital Assassins

In her gripping narrative, Spencer courageously recounts the aftermath of standing up against a global giant in debt collection. The narrative sheds light on the relentless tactics deployed to inflict financial, emotional, and psychological harm on her and her loved ones. It vividly portrays how she and her family became targets of invasive tactics such as privacy violations, illegal surveillance, and misuse of confidential information.

A Story of Survival and Faith

Despite the disclaimer that the story is fictional, Spencer shares many of her personal experiences as a starting point to create a vivid picture of the constant assaults aimed at destroying her life. She says that the narration is inspired by real events that highlight the strength of a law-abiding citizen forced into an inconceivable struggle.

In an interview with BIZBoost, when asked about what inspired Danielle Spencer to blow the whistle on corruption within the federal government, she said, “Nothing inspired me. I was taught that wrongs must be addressed, which is what I did. Growing up, not only were my parents active church members, but they were also active in the NAACP and their labour unions, especially my father. As a young person, I remember assisting my father by reading complaints and attending NAACP meetings. Therefore, it was ingrained in me, at an early age, that people should speak up and stand against the acts of bad actors.”

Audiobook Version of Digital Assassins I

For those eager to dive into Spencer’s story firsthand, an audiobook version of the prologue is available. This auditory journey provides a compelling preview into the heart of Digital Assassins, offering listeners a fantastic experience of Spencer’s ordeal and her fight for justice.

Here is an audible version of the Prologue of Digital Assassins:

☑️ YouTube Link: Watch the Audiobook Prologue
☑️ Spotify: Listen on Spotify

Digital Assassins II: Continuing the Battle

Building on the success of Digital Assassins, Spencer’s sequel, Digital Assassins II: Taking the Whistleblower Fight to the Judicial Branch of Government, continues her journey against corruption and institutional abuse. Available now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, this sequel amplifies Spencer’s quest for justice and accountability.

Buy Digital Assassins II now

About Daniele Spencer

Daniele Spencer is an author known for her candid exploration of cybersecurity issues. Her writing draws from her own experiences as a whistleblower, aiming to raise awareness and inspire resilience in the face of digital adversity.

Daniele Spencer’s Digital Assassins series is not just a tale of personal struggle but also a wake-up call about the dangers lurking in our digital world. Spencer aims to empower others facing similar challenges through her story while advocating for stronger protections against cyber threats.

To learn more about the author, Exclusive Interview, Meet the Author of the “Digital Assassins” Series, Danielle Spencer

To order copies of the Digital Assassins Series

👉 Digital Assassins I: Surviving cyberterrorism and a digital assassination attempt

👉 Digital Assassins II, Taking the Fight to the Judicial Branch of Government

☑️Barnes and Noble
👉 Digital Assassins I, Surviving cyberterrorism and a digital assassination attempt
👉 Digital Assassins II, Taking the fight to the Judicial Branch of Government

☑️Books a Million
👉 Digital Assassins I, Surviving cyberterrorism and a digital assassination attempt

☑️Visit the official Digital Assassins website for more information: Digital Assassins Book

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