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Actress Annunziata Gianzero Shines Bright In Hit Netflix Series, First Kill

Jun 29, 2022 | News | 0 comments

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Annunziata Gianzero is an actress, writer, and “unapologetic computer nerd” who holds dual citizenship in both the United States and Italy. She currently lives in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New York while dividing her time between acting and writing.

Annunziata can currently be seen playing “Bunny Wheeler”, a socialite, and a Savannah mom in Netflix’s First Kill, a YA vampire dramedy series which currently is in Netflix’s Top #2 spot. “She’s a hoot,” Annunziata says, describing her character, “the character grew over the season to become one of the vampire family’s antagonists.”

The show was created by Felicia D. Henderson with best-selling author Victoria “V.E.” Schwab. Schwab also wrote the short story, First Kill, upon which the show is based. First Kill tells the story of a teenage vampire, Juliette, who is trying to earn her place in a family of powerful vampires. To achieve this goal, Juliette must make her first kill. She encounters her target, the new girl in town, Calliope. Juliette learns Calliope is a vampire hunter and comes from a family of vampire slayers. As the vampire and slayer become more acquainted, they fall for one another, making Juliette’s task of her first kill more difficult.

As a New York native, Annunziata is a classically trained, award-winning actress who has played leading roles in film, theater, and worldwide film festivals. 

Annunziata recently appeared in Amazon’s reboot of Dean Devlin’s Leverage as a French banker and as a recurring role on FOX’s The Resident as Dr. Maya Turner. Her other latest roles include Carmen Davis on Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots, Charlotte Burton on the hit Netflix show, Jenji Kohan’s Teenage Bounty Hunters, a desperate mom on AMC+’s Covenant:The Vow, Blue Bloods on CBS as a tough addict, TNT’s Southland as a South Central denizen addicted to meth. Every Halloween, Annunziata can be seen as “Bloody Mary”, the iconic witch in Nickelodeon’s Deadtime Stories.

Annunziata is also a freelance journalist and activist, writing and fighting for industry diversity, equality and voter inclusion. She is a writer for The West View News in Greenwich Village and co-wrote American Tap, an award-winning documentary which made its world-premiere at the Lincoln Center and earned international distribution. American Tap covers the powerful influence from our cultural melting pot while demonstrating many of the hard truths America has endeavored throughout history.  

Her previous credits include co-writing and starring in the HBO Women in Comedy competition, Peep Show, and writing a crime series based in New York called Battery Park.

Up next, Annunziata can be seen as Dr. Rice on BET’s Tales, Dr. Braxton in Never Would Have Made It, a Marvin Sapp biopic, in summer 2022, and also on the CW’s Dynasty as Martha.

She is currently working on creating a gritty sci-fi pilot entitled Biohackers and a dramedy series called The Olios, which features a fierce (and sometimes deadly) competition between two Italian olive oil families.

Follow on social media @annunziataactor

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