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Brittany Miller is the Owner and CEO of Brittany Miller Brand PR Firm, housing a team of trained Publicists, Affiliates and Interns; serving primarily independently-owned brands, small businesses, corporate companies and celebrity clients! Brittany Miller is a dedicated wife, mother, entrepreneur, journalist, graphic designer, consultant, creative director, ghost writer and more! She is very well-connected and seen unanimously as a natural visionary, strategist and brand architect that aims to maximize quality and exposure for business concepts and related projects.

Brittany has mastered the art of birthing opportunities for clients through avenues such as campaigning, collaboration and relationship capital, especially when it comes to Public Relations and Branding. She has created a one-stop-shop model for businesses to soar and accelerate in whatever it is that they do! She has managed to provide almost every business service needed for prosperous owners, with the exception of law and photography, which she has preferred vendors and partners that are affiliated with her company.

Brittany advocates for purpose-driven initiatives, as she knows first hand what is required for building credibility and withstanding the storms. She quit her job back in 2013 and has never clocked in anywhere else since. She has built her network and platform organically, to be an extremely valuable asset to her clients and affiliates. She and her team aim for excellence, building a great rapport with supporters through elite networking and personable, direct to client services.

Fashion Designer/singer, Stacey Angela is becoming a household name. Her exclusive Stay by Stacey Angela collection has been heralded from the high end fashion center of Japan-to boutiques in Los Angeles. In a mere fraction of a time the fashion-community at large has taken widespread notice. Her use of sustainable yarns from companies such as Darn Good Yarn and upcycled materials such as leather, tulle, lace, seashells, silk & bamboo make creative appearances in the latest SP/SU 2022 collection.

Her crochet pieces-have been featured in the Miami Herald, Grand Life Daily, Lifestyles-of the Authentic &Creative,cougarvintage.com, thestylist.com, Lincoln Road magazine, Nylon, Americas Next Top Model,VH-1, Complex mag, VH-1.com Honey, Smooth, Jewel, Suede, LA Talk-Radio, Wall of Style Radio just to name a few. Not only have her pieces become the edgy, traveling fashionistas necessity, her fashion-perspective/public relations expertise is called upon regularly ! Her publication STAY MAGAZINE Made it's debut in January 2021 and is already a success featuring the best and brightest is Fashion, Art, Music, Lifestyle & Wellness.

Official BIZBoost Editorial Board. Reach out to [email protected] For Media Outreach, Growth Hack Solutions or DM @BIZBoost for Dedicated Support.

Author, screenwriter, producer and director. Projects include music videos documentary, 5 short films, 2 published books and much more to come.

Host of What The Shit Podcast. Part Owner of Black Legacy Productions LLC. Do promo video and audio editing.

Kelli Webb is best known as a “Fearless-Preneur,” and believes in remaining humbled with every opportunity she is blessed to receive.

Colin is a published contributor for The Wood Report LI Newsletter, Newsbreak, Fansided's YanksGoYard, 9.0 Magazine, Heart of Hollywood Magazine Online, and has written on platforms Niume, Blasting News, Medium (Account Deleted by writer), and Vocal. Colin writes on several topics, in multi-genres, and is a content creator and writer, ghostwriter, fictional writer, scriptwriter, professional singing recording artist, ex-AEA musical theater actor, ex-SAG/AFTRA eligible, Owns, runs, and interviews on his Youtube talk show PopEnt with Colin Munro Wood, and has appeared as Rusty in Starlight Express, including the 1991 German Highlights CD, his 2009 CD I Fall To My Knees, MTV Video Santeria by Sublime, directed by McG, Law & Order (Conduct Becoming), As The World Turns, and 5th Floor Harrison on NYC Public Access TV, as multiple commercials. He is currently trending on IMBdpro. He has an extensive musical theater career covering many shows and lead roles, Emceed the Miss NYC/Manhattan Pageant in 1993, and created the newly added role of Dan at the Goodspeed Operahouse for the Broadway show Captain's Courageous. He is also a WordPress and Wix website and graphic designer.

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