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Jamina Riley

Entrepreneur, Spiritual, Psychic Healer, also Financial Services recruit Connecting with many people and businesses across the world. Bringing you many different connections and opportunities.

My Specializations

Meditation Practices

Breathing exercises in a quiet area, alone time to release and restore. Helps you create harmony with your Heart, Chakra, Mind, Body & Soul. Especially when suffering from stress, anxiety, depression. Hz frequencies and other Soundwaves are used.

Healing Sessions

We focus on areas such as past life trauma and triggers we may have whether it causes us to get angry or sad how to balance out the Ying and yang energy within ourselves. Self reflections on our relationships, careers also you learn how to redirect your consciousness through daily affirmations, Mantras, Journaling, Nature etc.

Psychic Intuitive Readings

We connect through Zoom. My Readings are past future and present. When receiving readings energy is Exchangeable and can be Timeless. I Don’t use Tarot Cards. I allow spirit (God) to guide my message and I am an accurate reader.

Financial Services Recruit

If you like to keep your options open I provide you with links to my jobs webinar sessions. Also if your looking for assistance I set up appointments with you to receive a call from an license agent who will guide you with proper information. This part of my service is free information on my behalf to my customers looking for financial services information and or job opportunities.

Find your balance, energy & happiness the natural way.

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About Me

Jamina Riley is a mother of 6. She loves giving back to the community and is well known in her neighborhoods. She loves to motivate & encourage those around her. She came from a very tough life and started her business back in 2016 no matter the obstacles she continues to stand strong with her business in hopes of one day touching many hearts and helping them achieve their goals.

“To be Successful in life is to lead and inspire with confidence, honesty and great communication. Are you a Victim or a Victor?”

Jamina Riley

For Your Health

Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t solely based on the foods you eat but your mind and your thoughts and how we speak to our selves.

How It Works


Proper Sleeping patterns

Taking naps when needed, getting sleep at night.


A steady morning routine

Morning Mantras, Positive self affirmations, Detoxing, Yoga (exercises), Nature walks, Journaling


Healthy Eating Habits

Juicing (greens), Water, Vegetables, Detox routines, Natural herbalist remedies, Fasting


Self love

Walks in nature, sit by water, Journaling, reading, vision boards, Self dates, focusing on what makes you happy learning to be true to you.

"If I can describe Jamina Riley in one word, It would be impossible to do that. She has meant so much to me personally, and businesswise. She’s been there for me for a hard Business decisions. Her mind and soul is so magnificent and truly genuine at everything she approaches and attempts. Pure souls are hard to reach nowadays, so with her i truly feel honored and blessed too do business and know her spiritually."

– IG @mrmattic_clothing

"Jamina Riley one of the most supported loving and caring person love that she is a queen supporting artist who or trying to make a name for themselves always give me good vibes and positive energy make sure to support her page and Give her the same love back and support her on her journey"

– J Breezy

"Too whom it may concern my name is laala. new on the spiritual journey and Jamina Riley helped me on what crystals to get and was patient. she listened to me and didn't judge.. ❤"

– Lala

"Your insight is amazing. God bless you its beautiful to see especially when I feel so lost and defeated in this season of life. I know that more wins are on the rise."

– IG @Allinthetechneak

"The whole package right there. Love the Attitude, Creativity and Overall Vibe Queen. Thank you for posting inspirations it keeps me pressing on."

– IG @officialbajancharm

Take away

“I am a warrior of the universe and nomatter what battles I’ve faced in this world I shall continue stand and rise in strength.”

Jamina Riley

My Practice

Make an Appointment

Drop me an email at [email protected]

Text or Call

+1 857-201-3263

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