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Digital Media Insights Podcast Provides a Platform For Multimedia Professionals. The Purpose of the DMI is to Bring the Crispiest Insiders Insight about Digital Media Industry, Entertain you, & Enlighten about the Latest in Public Relations world 🔥 We provide you the Best, Straight through the Core of our Experiences, the way we live it in our everyday “Intentional” life being Passionate Digital Media Professionals 🔝⚡️

Meet The Hosts

Mohd Imran

Mohd Imran


When you think of digital media what comes to mind? You may think of innovation, connection, a personalized experience and much more. Or you may automatically think of Mohd Imran. With over 10 years of digital media experience, He helps Individuals and Brands to Make their Online Presence Become Better. Imran runs a successful digital businesses. He educates, empowers and entertains within the digital media world. He specializes in creating meaningful connections and relationships with People of Diversity. Known as the Digital Media Scientist, Mohd Imran is the innovative creator behind BIZBoost and BTweeps. Imran is also the creator and host of the Digital Media Insights Podcast.

Tammy Reese

Tammy Reese


Tammy Reese is an influential media personality and an award-winning content creator, producer, writer, and celebrity interviewer. She is also the founder of Visionary Minds Media and Tammy Reese Media. Reese’s career began when she joined The Media Unit TV and Stage production company at 12 years old. Tammy defines what a multimedia creative artist is. She has Produced, Written, and Directed short films, tv, and commercials. Also, she’s hosted events, film premieres, radio & tv shows, and interviewed a variety of celebrities & influencers. Storytelling through various artforms is my life purpose. We all have a story to tell and share to educate, empower, uplift and inspire others. 


DMI Episode 004

“Better be late than never” Edition. POWER PACKED with All About 2021 MTV VMA, Apple’s App Store Dilemma, Black Media Honors, and Emmys 2021.


DMI Episode 003

Social Media Bots, Automation & How Ethical it is, PR Protocols & Quality Assurance for Digital Media Journalists, The most focused meaningful key points you keep in mind while interviewing new & upcoming media professionals, Insider Insights, Tech’s Role in Global Pandemic, Twitter Monetization, Popularity of Buy-Now & Pay Later, Digital July 2021 stats, Social Media & Mental Health


DMI Episode 002

Navigating & Investigating Social Media – INSIDER INSIGHTS, Business vs. Personal Use of Social Media, Power of Personalization, Our Digital Media Experiences, Tammy’s press conference about Starz Power Book III, How to manage & balance your flow as a Digital Media Journalist, Formula to beat algorithm & What’s Latest in the Digital Media space.


DMI Episode 001

Annoying things about Social Media, Tammy’s Career, Best practices to get more followers on social media, Most Challenging Platform to get followers or engagements, & What’s happening in the Digital Media Marketing & Management space these days

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Digital Media insights Podcast

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