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The MVP Film Director: Jayleen Perez

The MVP Film Director: Jayleen Perez

Meet the Multi-Talented & Multi-Award-Winning Film Director, Jayleen Perez. She recently won Best First Time Director award at the Golden Earth Film Awards, Best Director at The Tagore international film festival in India, & An Accolade Award.

Award-Winning American Stage and Film Actress Robyne Parrish

Award-Winning American Stage and Film Actress Robyne Parrish

Meet Robyne Parrish, The Award-Winning Actress, Producer & Writer. She is best known for her work on Gossip Girl and opposite Richard Kind and Steve Guttenberg in ‘Help Me, Help You’. She has appeared in numerous stage productions Off-Broadway and across the country. She is an award winning Producer/Writer/Actor of multiple independent projects including the short film ‘Vulnerability’ (Best Actress in a Short Film – PCIFF). ADDY Award winning commercial and voice over actress.

Meet the King of Corporate Comedy

Meet the King of Corporate Comedy

Meet Dave, the hilarious hunk who has everyone haha’ing at his corporate comedy videos on instagram. He boasts having almost 20 jobs in the past 10 years and says its because the corporate world is a joke. Dave has some honest gripes about the modern day work environment that he has happened to transform into satire based videos for social media.

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