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Yo, it’s David L. here. As an independent artist myself, I know that there are so many of you out there who are making absolute fire tracks but are not getting the necessary exposure to make it big.

This industry is tough.

That is why for the sake of all you rappers, vocals, songwriters, musicians, producers out there. This is an opportunity that you can only take advantage of through raw skill & talent. An opportunity that might just be your first step that leads to stardom.



Do you wish you had a personal relationship with a producer / engineer, who would not lie to you and let you know when the song just isn’t it…a producer who would never just to take your money!!

Or What if your song does have potential? Would you like a relatively close relationship with a producer who would even offer to mix and master records for you??

632… that’s how many dope artists waiting for me to listen to their dope music right now.. GET IN LINE Or SKIP THE LINE! If I hear something I like, i will hit you back. Let’s work.. let’s get it.. you know the vibe… I will see you at the 9 o’clock Eastern Standard Time on YouTube LIVE!

If you have new music, send it to me and Dj Ace in the place. We take the time to listen to your music. All of it. We take the time to network with artist. All the artist! GET Your Music Played!

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Get a chance to develop a personal relationship with a company whose sole purpose is to keep it real with you about your music and career.

Be a part of our Songwriter and Artist community where you can connect with artist all over the world that previously would have never known you exist.



My channel 9 o’clock Radio is launching an exclusive CONTEST where you will send in your BEST audio track to battle it out with the finest pieces from other competing artists. After the judges have reviewed the submissions, the top artists will have the right to claim the 9 o’clock Radio Championship Belt as proof of their musical supremacy.

This contest might just be what your career needs. A chance to prove yourself and showcase your talent to the masses. And if your performance matches your passion, you’ll have a BADASS CHAMPION’S BELT to show for it.

The winner also gets the opportunity to record their track live in 9 O’ Clock’s professional studio. And after you’re done with the recording and just want to lay back for a while, you’ll also get a complimentary hotel stay and 500 USD in hard liquid cash to burn through.

What’s more, is that you’ll get to become a part of a community of aspiring musicians through this contest. 9 o’clock Radio isn’t just a radio, it’s a hub for aspiring artists just like you. It’s a hub that’ll help you guys connect, collaborate, and climb to the top of the industry, together! There’s also a BONUS OPPORTUNITY to have your track played at the 9 o’clock Radio Instagram live stream in front of 200+ regular viewers. The perfect platform to start gaining a following or even to catch the attention of starry-eyed producers! But we’ll get to it later.


9 o’Clock Radio




 Create an MP3 file of your BEST audio track and upload it on Soundcloud/Spotify/Apple Music/YouTube. Make sure that the link can be shared.


Provide your Instagram Username & the Link to the MP3 file of your audio track.


Send $30 Entry fee for joining the contest.

Once the steps above are complete, You’re in!

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