How Twitter Reacted on CIA's Trump Report - Blog Cover Image 2

How Twitter Reacted on CIA’s Trump Report

HIGHLIGHT Of The Story 😎👊 CIA says Russia intervened to help Trump win White House! What Do You Think? 💀🔐🖥📲 — Mohd. Imran (乇мմ™) (@TheSoulfulEMU) December 10, 2016 Social Media Genius by Jokūbas It couldn’t take much longer for this artwork to pop out of nowhere, in Real-Time 😱 Art By Zina Saunders And soon[…]

12 Steps To Help You Refine Your “Social Media Etiquette- #BIZBoost Header

12 Steps To Refining Your Social Media Etiquette

“Social Media” is TOTAL chaos! Agreed? No? Why? 😉 There is too much of “Noise”, on each & every Social Media platform. To set yourself apart from the crowd, you need to be the real “YOU”. #BIZBoost Click To Tweet To make an impact, you need to show what you’ve got in your sleeves hidden[…]

Clearly, the system was never consciously designed. It emerged from almost a century of trial and error. But it is the only explanation for why, despite our technological capacities, we are not all working 3-4 hour days.

Situation Of Our Economy: BULLSHIT Jobs

Ever had the feeling that your job might be made up? That the world would keep on turning if you weren’t doing that thing you do 9-5? David Graeber, Professor of Anthropology at the London School of Economics, explored the phenomenon of bullshit jobs for STRIKE‘s summer issue – everyone who’s employed should read carefully…[…]