The Weird “Freezing Port” Adventure in Japan

The Weird “Freezing Port” Adventure in Japan - BIZBoost

Stories of killing domestic as well as wild animals are quite common these days. However, some people apply innovation even when they do something as gross as that.

As funny as this saying, some people try gimmicks and tactics that don’t really cut the ice! Instead they create more confusion and chaos for the already confused humanity.

Theme Park Horror: Freezing 5,000 Fishes as a Marketing Gimmick that went haywire 😱

In Japan, recently, a Space World theme park in Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka froze 5,000 Live Fishes in order to create a theme called I am d…d…drowning, I am s…s…suffocating! Was this funny?

Err…..obviously not! This mindless act raised several eyebrows across the world with Crab and Fish lovers alike.

One would argue but to this toast raised by Space World, all agreements led to the same conclusion! “Soulless” and “foolish” were the words.

What did Space World actually do?

The so called “Freezing Port” was trying to catch customer attention by freezing 5,000 Live Fishes but ended up being criticized highly from people across the world. The problems started when they posted the image on their Facebook page and called themselves the “World First” amongst theme parks. Weird indeed!

However, quick enough after the outrage and backlash, Space World manager Toshimi Takeda told the Media that varied responses from their regular audience as well as from other people shocked them, and then they apologized for this act.

Besides, quickly, Toshimi assured that they would be unfreezing the dead fish, conducting a religious ceremony for pacifying the dead souls as well as reusing them as fertilizer.

How true could this be?

Many people across Twitter and other social media platforms have argued that Space World is purely lying and they apparently did freeze Live Fishes, Crabs and Shellfishes.

Below are some pic to prove the same.
The Weird “Freezing Port” Adventure in Japan - 3 - Space World

The Weird “Freezing Port” Adventure in Japan - 4 - Space World
Images via @SpaceWorld_info

So Who started the war ‘You Have No Soul’?

Primarily people who care for Animals did and of course many others have joined the tweet chat during their idle time!

“Why is it fun to skate over the frozen?” a Japanese Facebook page called Relief Pain Animals said. “It is shocking that this kind of idea was taken up normally in Japan … This is the worst attraction educationally.”

Some other shocking but expected responses were:

“This really makes me upset. Do you think children are happy to see this fish in skate rink?” was the comment by Miura Tsubasa.

“You have no soul to plan such an event to begin with,” user Misaki said.

What was the whole logic of this exercise? Fun or Misery?

As they say,

This exercise by Space World makes one laugh as much as they would like to cry!

When asked over and over again on what Space World was trying to achieve with this act, they said that they wanted people and children to “learn” and “interact” by ice skating over these dead animals! (…and anyone sensible would say something like, “how the hell does one interact with dead Fishes?”)

But Voila! Space World had an answer for this too.

“Many of these fish don’t meet standards for selling to customers. And the big fish like whale sharks, sharks, and rays aren’t real, they’re simply photos that were blown up and embedded in the ice,” Toshimi Takeda said.

Finally, they apologized profusely to people!

Did it serve any purpose?

Anyway, after the whole drama which went on for a few hours, at least newspapers and websites across the world had a creamy story to write about!

A word from BIZBoost Team

Do animals really care about how much money we make with marketing? Definitely not, so then how about just letting them be!

Just like how we would have liked to comment on Space World’s Facebook Page, “why not try freezing humans and putting them up there for some heady interaction and learning?”

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