Being a Musicpreneur: Interview with John Taglieri

Being A Musicpreneur- Interview with John Taglieri (Twitter Creative + Blog Post)

John Taglieri is an American Indie Musician, Singer-Songwriter, Recording Artist, and Record label owner. A well polished Musicpreneur and a True Believer embracing Days Like These.

He Sounds Like Bon Jovi, Train, Edwin McCain, Daughtry, Third Eye Blind
John’s Wikipedia and You can tweet him @JohnTaglieri

John Taglieri | Days Like These

YES, He is the man behind “Southern Paradise

And his Last Release from August 2014 was EP “Days Like These

“WATCH Official Music Video”

Currently #1 on Reverbnation

John Taglieri Ranked Number 1 On Reverbnation

Loved it? You can Get Your Copy of “Days Like These” Here

EP “Days Like These” is nothing less than collaboration with the creatives! Backed by creative & mad souls in the Music Biz, like Kenny Aronoff, one of the best drummers & many more

John Taglieri Days Like These Back-Cover

EP Reviews & Features

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Sea Of Tranquility
Rock Time

LISTEN to his Unleashed Podcast: How To Make A Living As An Indie Artist!

And his wise thoughts on Dangers of Taking Yourself too seriously as an Independent Musician

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He has plans to conquer 2015 and turn it into The Best YEAR Ever, yet again! 😉

For the record, this is what his Last EP “Days Like These” brought him in return 🏆👑👌

John Taglieri 2014 Milestones

HERE is John Taglieri’s ENTIRE Social Timeline

Social Presence

We had the privilege to grab a precious moment from John Taglieri’s Days Like These and asked him couple of crucial questions reflecting his life “Being a Musicpreneur” himself.

“Interview with John Taglieri”

1. What do you like MOST about your profession?

John: Being able to wake up every day doing what I love to do. Theres really nothing like it. Each day I get to NOT have to go to work, because what I do isn’t work to me. I make a living on a stage making people have a good time and playing music. To me, that will never be work and thats kinda awesome.

2. What it feels like being a musicpreneur?

John: Its a LOT of effort. But its very worth it. Its very rewarding when I see my fancies grow or a post take on it’s own life. IN this day and age where you don’t need a record label anymore, its really up to the artist to make their own career happen and that takes a lot of effort but the rewards are SO worth it on the back end of being my own boss and not answering to anyone as far as my creative direction.

3. When are you completely “SATISFIED” with your work?

John: Never really. LOL. As soon as I think something is good enough I find a new way to try to make it better.

4. What is the “Magic Formula” for “Success”?

John: There isn’t one. The only formula is to put in the time and do whatever it takes to get the job done. Anything other than that is a road to failure.

5. What do you feel about the current state of “Social Media” for Musicians?

John: Theres NEVER been a better time to be a musician as far as Social Media and the ability to get the word out. With Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube…etc…there are SO many ways for a smart, eager, driven person to get the word out. More than at any other time in history. Its all in how you use them.

6. How “FAIR” is the “Social Media Algorithms” & the Competition within?

John: Depends on the site and the use. Right now Facebook videos are killing youtube, but Facebook posts are losing traction. Twitter works great only if you are VERY engaged. Every site has different ins and outs and plus and minus columns and you have to learn how to navigate through them all and find the ones that work best for you and your business.

7. How proud/good do you feel about current state of “YOUR” own “Online Presence” & the audience? Scale it between 1-10

John: I’d say honestly, I’m at a 6-7 right now. Certain things like Twitter are killing for me…Facebook & Youtube have been slow growth avenues for me. I have just started on other sites so I can’t judge them yet, but I’m def doing better than a lot of folks in that area. We had a great growth last year that definitely brought me from maybe a 3-4 to a 6-7, but theres a lot more to do and I’ll never be really satisfied as long as I think I can take things further.

TAKE AWAY: Musicpreneur 201

•Wake up every day doing what you love to do.
•Make a living on a stage making people have a good time & playing music.
•You don’t need a record label anymore, its really up to the artist to make their own career happen.
•Never Satisfied!! Find a new way to try to make it better.
•Magic Formula is to put in the time and do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Such a Musicpreneur, The True Believer & his Days Like These!

John’s T-shirt lines and SWAG
John Taglieri SWAG - Drink A Lot Make Poor Decisions

Talking about being a True Believer, you must know his Brand New EP is up on schedule to be Released on 14 August 2015


Note that the Single “Don’t Ask Me Why – John Taglieri“, from the EP itself is set to release on 1 August 2015. Watch out for the big day!

“WATCH The Teaser”

Are you a #TrueBeliever yourself?

You dont want to miss THIS Snippet of ALL 6 Tracks from Upcoming EP “True Believer”. Give it a whirl & you’re hooked, for sure!

We know John Tagleri since more than a year. Throughout our invaluable connection, we came to realize that he has several mad angles which allows himself to push him outta his own limits, go beyond the fences and walls to smash’em all.

First batch of True Believer EPs

John Taglieri True Believer CDs

Latest NewJerseyStage Mag feature of John Taglieri, also ft. his new Single “Don’t Ask Me Why”

We will cover the story behind EP “True Believer” & the purpose of its creation. Coming in August before the release date!

Winding up with some awesome moments of John Taglieri & his Musicpreneur adventure…

His Liddle Zebra Gurl, Harmony Grace! That smile lights up his whole world.

Harmony Grace - Daughter of John Taglieri
John Taglieri and Harmony Grace Jamming in Studio

John Taglieri and Family

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